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There was a cake, but Luna took it



here's Luna running away with the cake
as you all decided
well, not really, you just wanted Luna with a cake
I was tempted to draw Luna doing naughty things with Cakes... as in those ponies feom Ponyville...
but I wouldn't be able to put it on here <_<

anyways, enjoy the cake... if you manage to catch it :D

it took me a while, I know
I'm lazy, and also, busy... almost done with PH though.
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This is probably one of my favorite Princess Luna pictures. The technique used is as intriguing as the picture itself. I liked how you blended Luna's mane together and made it whispy-like. The texture on the wings is perfect and I like how she is drawn sort of realistic. Just the concept of this art piece makes me laugh inside. The cake looks like a real-life vanilla cake and I could never do this ever. I could actually imagine Luna doing this and that makes this piece of art beautiful in it own way. You did an AMAZING job on this, I love it!