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A birthday gift for ~JedielDaniel
I figured that he'll get a bunch of gifts and most of them will be pictures of his OC, who is probably the most frequently drawn OC of all the people I know.
So here's a picture of Trixie instead.
Happy Birthday dude!
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Very nicely done.

I love your use of shadows to give dimension and especially on the curtain and her cape.

I like the style making her look more equine. However, that being said, the fetlock joint looks very strange and you would probably have been better off omitting it.

Some of the shadows are still off. The cape shouldn't be nearly as bright because of the shadow and the angle the light is hitting it and her chest should be quite a bit brighter for the same reason.

I really like how you did the mane creating flows and frays rather than hard lines.

The only other thing, and this is me just being nitpicky, is the floorboards. The look like they come off at 45 degrees to the curtain and I feel like that would create an odd stage.

Very good job, keep up the good work,