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Easter update

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Well it's Easter and I'm told it's kind of a big deal so have a post about my stuff :D I used to make pictures/pinups for Easter/spring, but I have to admit my creative juices are mostly focused on something else at the moment. I might post some of my fun with IT alter this month and there's a least a couple of RPG blogs I want to write and post on my website, but drawing is a bit of a chore lately. And by lately I mean pretty pretty much since 2018, looking back at my gallery. But anyway, as far as updates are concerned, since I finally have at least a bit of free time, I decided to format and reinstall my main pc in hopes to fix a couple of really annoying issues I've been having, which most likely are related to a metric crap ton of conflicting settings, drivers and a bunch of Windows updates piled up dangerously high. If that doesn't help.... well... I was told the new AMD processor lineup is pretty good, so it might be time for an upgrade? What does that have to do with
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Funny things keep happening lately Almost exactly 4 years ago on 8th of December I've made a Journal here ranting about Tumblr's porn ban. Back then there were people cheering the decision to remove all inappropriate materials from Tumblr and there were people prophesizing it's doom. Turns out both camps were wrong, as it's' usually the case. Porn bots are still there, since, you know, making something illegal is not the same thing as making it disappear, but instead it makes people doing it less worried about following rules in general (a hint to all politicians out there). Tumblr as a whole still exists, yes, it lost a metric shit-ton of value and was bought by it's main competitor on the blogging market for three pennies, but it's still there. And, 4 years the boob ban was lifted and they're pretty much on the same level as deviantArt. I tested it, I made a new account there, reposted a couple of pictures, all works well, might consider going back there for a while. Speaking of
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Some time ago I wrote an article about world building for an RPG and the initial idea behind it. Back then I didn't want to write too much for two reasons. One, I didn’t know if anyone would read it and two, I didn't want to spoil the plot twist for my players. While I still don't think anyone reads this, my players figured out the great mystery behind their origins, kinda, so I can now more freely describe the world as they see it. So first of all, the initial magically post-apo'ed world they came from is still canon and in fact, the same world they are in right now. The question was never "where are they" but rather "when are they" with all the time travelling shenanigans that this brings to the game. But I will talk about that in the next instalment, right now I want to focus on the world itself. And I'm pretty proud of it. It's in no way original, it's a blend of several worlds from fantasy settings, but I didn't want to make it too typical. And also, I wanted to have a
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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday ^^

proszę bardzo :D