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I like the webcomic nature of this best of all, how it tells the story. I also think that Darla would do something like this, but if do...

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Joyce Summers Greatest Delight Ch 1.
Joyce Summers Greatest Delight.
By James Carmody.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the storylines I'm using in this; Pirates of the Carribean is owned by someone else, as is Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series. I forego any financial remuneration for this work of literary art, and will only accept rightful praise for this work. Thank you in advance. Also, nor do I own the copyright for books such as the Catholic Bible, that having been in the public domain for over a thousand years at least... nor am I Union General Lew Wallace, so I do not own "Ben Hur" and forego any financial gains for using his characters- I hope I get them correct, some more vital than others.
Summary: Years after her death, Mrs. Joyce Summers gets her greatest delight: her kids (including a stepchild of hers) getting along in peace as they watch a movie and some of them indulge in a psychic dream due to their powers.
:iconadalack:Adalack 15 1
Mature content
Baffling Mystery Ch 1 :iconadalack:Adalack 1 0
Mature content
Satsu's Journal Story 1 Blessing the Sword Ch 1 :iconadalack:Adalack 2 7
Faith Sketch2[1] by Adalack Faith Sketch2[1] :iconadalack:Adalack 14 12 Faith Sitting On Buffy Sketch[1] by Adalack Faith Sitting On Buffy Sketch[1] :iconadalack:Adalack 6 0 Faith seated on Buffy sketch 1 by Adalack Faith seated on Buffy sketch 1 :iconadalack:Adalack 5 0 Kennedy the Slayer Vampire Coverart by Adalack
Mature content
Kennedy the Slayer Vampire Coverart :iconadalack:Adalack 10 0
Reconciling With My Half-Sister Coverart by Adalack Reconciling With My Half-Sister Coverart :iconadalack:Adalack 16 0
Mature content
Skating the Razor's Edge Ch 1. :iconadalack:Adalack 1 0
Mature content
Crosses Ch 2 ANLiE. :iconadalack:Adalack 2 0
Mind-Control Resistance Training Coverart by Adalack
Mature content
Mind-Control Resistance Training Coverart :iconadalack:Adalack 6 7
Willow's Revenge Coverart. by Adalack
Mature content
Willow's Revenge Coverart. :iconadalack:Adalack 7 5
Adventures in Storybrooke coverart by Adalack Adventures in Storybrooke coverart :iconadalack:Adalack 5 1 Slayer Sisterhood Coverart by Adalack Slayer Sisterhood Coverart :iconadalack:Adalack 19 10 Crosses Coverart by Adalack
Mature content
Crosses Coverart :iconadalack:Adalack 9 0
Mature content
'Where's Buffy?' Ch 1 of 'Love, but no Peace' :iconadalack:Adalack 1 5


Star Wars -  Darth Vader by TheFirstAngel Star Wars - Darth Vader :iconthefirstangel:TheFirstAngel 1,431 90 Star Wars Rebellion Box Art by wraithdt Star Wars Rebellion Box Art :iconwraithdt:wraithdt 1,513 35 People Are Born LGBT by Rogue-Ranger People Are Born LGBT :iconrogue-ranger:Rogue-Ranger 238 306 God is Love by Rogue-Ranger God is Love :iconrogue-ranger:Rogue-Ranger 49 10 Christianity Is About Love by Rogue-Ranger Christianity Is About Love :iconrogue-ranger:Rogue-Ranger 220 133 You Can Love Your Friends by Rogue-Ranger You Can Love Your Friends :iconrogue-ranger:Rogue-Ranger 39 21 Friends Can Disagree by Rogue-Ranger Friends Can Disagree :iconrogue-ranger:Rogue-Ranger 118 23 I Love You Stamp by Rogue-Ranger I Love You Stamp :iconrogue-ranger:Rogue-Ranger 17 1 God Loves You (Stamp) by Rogue-Ranger God Loves You (Stamp) :iconrogue-ranger:Rogue-Ranger 52 27 Spiritual-Stamp by Rogue-Ranger Spiritual-Stamp :iconrogue-ranger:Rogue-Ranger 33 15 Eliza Dushku wallpaper by Rocker-lee Eliza Dushku wallpaper :iconrocker-lee:Rocker-lee 1 0 Anya Icon by Rocker-lee Anya Icon :iconrocker-lee:Rocker-lee 1 0 Cordelia icon by Rocker-lee Cordelia icon :iconrocker-lee:Rocker-lee 2 0 Cordelia Banner by Rocker-lee Cordelia Banner :iconrocker-lee:Rocker-lee 1 0 Wil and Buff - la love by Rocker-lee Wil and Buff - la love :iconrocker-lee:Rocker-lee 3 2 Willow and Tara - pink love by Rocker-lee Willow and Tara - pink love :iconrocker-lee:Rocker-lee 24 0



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21 deviations
What do you think is your best quality?

My valuing of integrity, honesty, and purity (as in regards to sexual purity in behavior).

How many deviantART accounts do you have?

One, thus far.

What country do you live in?

United States of America.

How many languages do you speak?

Fluently? One, thus far.

What is your favorite movie?

The Patriot- the one with Mel Gibson as Benjamin Martin- set in the American War for Independence.

If your haircut was an animal, what would it be?

I frankly have no idea!

What is your gender identity?

Same as my gender: Male, there really is no such thing as "gender identity" gender is simply a complex word for reference to the biological sex someone is.

Do you have any pets?

Don't now, used to, I had several- my favorite was a fiddler-crab male I called "Crabby"- and WOW! he was brilliant for an arthropod, and industrious too!

If you were a character from a movie, who would you be?

Hmm, probably I'd pick... that's a toughie. It'd be simpler if it were a novel, but my guess is: President Witmore- Independence Day 1! "We will not go quietly into the night- we will not vanish without a fight. We're going to live on... and should we win the day, the forth of July will no longer be simply an American Holiday..." (or something like that- dramatic speech, but it's been a while- spectacular movie, however.)

What is the worst lie anyone has ever told you?

That "God doesn't exist", utter scientific nonsense... just look at the Big Bang if you're looking for evidence for a source *outside* of this universe for it- an intellect that designed it; we call that intellect for lack of a better term "God". To reverse the argument while still remaining respectful to the people who disagree with me, but are willing to listen to intellectual honesty, consider this: "What is the ultimate source of existence? What is the uncaused cause of existence?" To help those who will not accept intellectual honesty, I can offer no aid in understanding.
To those who're merely angry-, hey, as I write this, I am too, but our rage cannot change reality- and science, for better or worse, is a quest to study reality as it is, not as we'd want it to be. That alone is one of the hardest lessons in all of humanity: to realize that we're to accept reality as it is, not as we want it to be!


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United States
I am a wargamer, a fan of military history, I love to write, listen to, and play music. My hobbies include writing fanfic, reading both fanfic and literature, and watching various shows- such as: OUAT (one of my favorites nowadays.


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