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Unfortunately, with the changes that dA has made, I doubt any of the original founding members and admins will ever return. I'm the only one that tends to pop by, and only then I come around once every few months or so.

I'm sad to see so much that we all worked so hard to create and maintain get treated this way. :( (Sad) 
The group just needs some change

Maybe, but without my co-mods and unable to take the founder role for myself, there's not much that can be done.

Comission Open Can you help me? information below by Tiamilix8  
hellou Can you help me with a commission for my psychologist?
I am opening commissions to raise funds and pay for a psychologist

what I do:



and in both categories:



-Tatto Design

-Real people

- Fanarts

- Ocs

-and more uwu.

I don't:


to contact me send me a note or a message to my deviantart

p.s: any doubt or question will also be answered by note or message.

Note: I do not charge for extras such as: gags, sex accessories, ropes, whips or toys and I do not charge for the bottom.

something from my portfolio and my networks:

my page and portafolio;…
Do you accept renders only with official 3D models from games? Ie, if I created the character myself, will it fit your rules, because it will not be 100% copy?
Just drew Ada Wong with Charcoal set !! Love Love Love Love