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Lover was always proud of who they are, but no time makes them feel more warm and fuzzy than pride month.

It was a kind of thing that gave them an excuse to be extra themself than normal - they always felt a little odd expressing their lesbianism, even though it was such an intricate part of their identity. They’d never found the right amount of time or the right kind of person yet, so just walking around talking about it all the time made them feel awkward - they didn’t want other people to judge them, and they weren’t just looking around for someone to date.

Lover is femme - that was the important part. Being not just a lesbian, but a femme lesbian specifically, was what Lover liked to celebrate the most. Not many people could clock them as femme - they’d misguidedly say, wait, you’re femme? But you don’t look straight!

That always made them feel weird. What part of being femme would make them look straight, of all things? When they dressed up, they were dressing up for anyone but men. They loved picking out their outfits in the morning specifically thinking about what would look the nicest to other women! It was something that made them feel pretty!

So, during pride month, something about that felt better to them. During this month, it was normal to wear a flag along with the rest of their outfit, making it clear just who they were to the world. It felt good to visit parades and events where they could wear full-on dresses and not be worried that anyone would mistake their style for anything but this.

Being femme was more than just a kind of lesbian, to Lover - femme was practically their gender. They couldn’t separate being nonbinary from being femme, because the two were practically the same thing to them.

Because of this, Lover loved to be anywhere they were surrounded by other femmes. Whenever they attended Pride, they would immediately try finding where the largest gathering spot was so that they could go and join in the conversation. They always felt safe around butches, that was always true, but they felt seen when they were with people like them.

This year, Lover was going to put together their most femme outfit yet. They always liked to dress up, but it felt more special when they put together an outfit specifically meant to come across as femme. It was fun to grab their most frilly sundress, their cutest hat, and the sweetest dangly earrings they could find.

They didn’t know what this year’s pride would end up being like, but at least they knew that they’d look super cute while attending!

Writing for the Chimereon 2021 pride event!! I JUST got Lover, and gosh, I'm already so attached to them as a character ;u; the moment I saw them I knew they were femme, so that's what I wrote about! I may be butch, but god do I love femmes...

Lover's masterlist is 4714 if you wanna go show them some love! Heart 
© 2021 AcuteExposure
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This is really cute! Nice work!

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Thank you!! It was a lot of fun to write, I'm glad you enjoyed reading it :D