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Open Species - Doofers!

Doofers are friendly, horse & pig-like creatures with psychic powers!

The rights to this species was given to me by Lanatavina - huge props to them!

Doofers aren't the most clever creatures, nor do they look it - they only have one eye, and their necks bend around like they're made out of rubber. However, they are very empathetic creatures, and they can experience other creatures' emotions via telepathic waves! They are also capable of seeing auras, which helps them avoid predators and other threats.

Doofers tend to stick together - a group of multiple Doofers is called a Dule. Lone Doofers aren't unheard of, though!

Doofers are herbivores, and their usual favorite fruit is mangoes!

Doofers are an open species, meaning you can make as many as you want for FREE! Make your own characters, adoptables, customs, anything you'd like!

The main rule is that if you make one, let me know! I would love to see your creativity & work :)

Got any questions? Feel free to ask down below here!

Have fun!!
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Whoah! I love that you gave them one eye instead of two! (❤o❤)

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