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Dynamax eevee

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so...pokemon direct happened
edit: I predicted gigantamax eevee hooray
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This looks pretty dang accurate to what we actually got.
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And I’m very happy about that~ 
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Now we have Gigantamax Eevee

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actuallysigsig Now eevee has a Gigantamax form 
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You made this.

Angry Steve Harvey Emoticon|Nani?!?


Dynamax In The Nutshell
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Dynamax Eevee doesn't need to fight. It's maximized cuteness is enough to kill.
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It is too late protagonist, I have consumed all of the berries.
I cannot be stopped,
I am become death, protagonist, destroyer of worlds
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Omae wa... mou shindeiru
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L O R G E  B O Y E
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Imagine all the dirty thing some people would do if it was Gardevoire... Aw shit, here we go again -_-.
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Yeah..this site has been filled with that kind of art the second they announced it lol
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This is adorable!  And exactly the vibe imma be having going through this game.  Great job!
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Thank you~! I’ll be dynamaxing my favourite cute fluffy Pokemon throughout the game for sure 
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You're very welcome!  Same here-everything that's fluffy is getting Dynamaxed at least once, haha.
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Move over Totem Pokemon, 'cause Dynamax Pokemon are taking over in Galar Region
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dynamax eevee is so ready to kick some ass
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