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The charcter can be MALE or FEMALE. All I'm looking for is a new character for my new anime/animation/cartoon series. Try your luck in designing the character! The art can be drawn on paper or digital! Whatever you feel comfortable with!
((It's a sort of "Slice of Life" genre. A little drama, a little comedy... That sort of stuff. Similar to Clannad.))

The character MUST be wearing a school uniform! 
He/She MUST be fully colored!
You MUST own the art!
No mature content!
Post a journal about this contest! You HAVE to be a watcher! ((It doesn't matter if you were not watching me before! As long as you are in my watch!))
:new: Yes. You may use a base!
:new: You can draw a new character if you aren't happy, or get new inspiration! Even the previous entry will be counted!

First place: 100 points! 3 Free art pieces of your choice~ ((No 18+))
:new: Second place: 30+ points! 2 free pieces!
:new: Consolation prize: Free Pixel icon!


The art is NOT judged in style/quality! So, any artist can win!
:new: Asking for friends in MY WATCH that aren't competing! The judges will receive one free sketch of ONE character.
:new: Entries will be submitted below!

:iconthelivingshadow::iconriotingknucklehead::iconwildfire206:Contest Entry: Create A Char Contest by RachaelJustice:iconrachaeljustice:School uniform (contest) by ArtIsMagic12345:iconartismagic12345:O.C- by TheFunKeyWays:iconthefunkeyways:
That's all! Hope you have fun! Don't forget to send in your art!

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Who won? (sorry I might have missed something)