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Work Launcher [1.3]

By ActiveColors

Work Launcher

Version: 1.3
Last Update: 18 December 2013

Hello folks. Several months ago I had some arguments about functionality of XWidget and Rainmeter and was said that it isn't possible to port Work Launcher  from XWidget to Rainmeter. So I did 100% port (not for the first time by the way) and added some more useful features and settings ;)


Added: Ukrainian language. Thanks to BlackoutY4K
Fixed: Launcher panel titles became shortened when D2D is disabled. Thanks to Meyrlan

Fixed: Custom language picker. Thanks to BlackoutY4K
Added: 32x32 icon pack for choosing
Changed: Authors in the About dialogue are clickable

First release


Installing Launcher
This launcher works on Windows with installed Rainmeter program. It is free and you can get this program on

Configuring links
Click right mouse button on the link and choose "Configure Link" to open link editor.

Changing settings
Click right mouse button on any launcher area and choose "Open Settings"

Choosing number of items on the launcher
Open settings as it is written above and find there option "Number of Items". Change it's value from 1 to 10 on your wish.

Answered Questions

Why in the context I don't have "Configure Link" menu?
This menu will be shown by clicking on the area which you chose in the settings menu "Open Link By Clicking". For example you set to open link by clicking on the icon, "Configure Link" menu will appear on right mouse click on the icon of link.

Why my text fonts don't look like on preview?
If you have Windows 7 or 8 text rendering should be ok. If not, download and apply… this Platform Update to enable D2D rendering.


Информацию на русском языке вы можете прочесть здесь.


Universal transitions and Rainfile are made by Kaelri
Included Aurora icon packt is made by MannMitDerTarnjacke
Work Launcher for XWidget is made by Kamaz-Z

Feel free to ask related questions :peace:
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it so cool, thanks

BOrangeZ's avatar
The page you were looking for doesn't exist.:(
fix it plz

TheHowling33's avatar
"Oops. The page you were looking for doesn't exist."

Why? :c I want it.

Update: got it! :)
chromosphere's avatar
Excellent, very useful and elegant.
XTCPants's avatar
it needs more color options in the settings, and size options to rescale all of it. 
im going to try and mess with it, but im new and its overwhelming 
ActiveColors's avatar
Hi. I would recommend you not to edit it. The code is complex and mostly does not make sense. I am making a new version with all the options you proposed. If you are interested I will send you a beta version when it will be closer to be usable.
XTCPants's avatar
woah this is really old, i havent used this in a long time :']
id be happy to beta test
XTCPants's avatar
could you help me customise this? 
i want to make 10 links that each open another tab of 10 links

Edit:  i figured out how to do what i asked with it, but im sure you could add something to the settings to make what i did easier to do

something id love to see this have. if you added a scaling variable so it can be resized easier
I hope we'll have some new version of this (excellent) tool.
I am hope to have possibility to launch another "board" with some others shotcuts, like it was asked by tunabolism on Apr 30, 2015.
I don't try yet, but maybe by a full copy in a new directy and editing some .ini files ?

Anyway, what a wonderful job. Thanks !
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Hello. I'm working hard on this project but I have very little amount to devote for Rainmeter. Would you be interested in close beta testing of this skin?
Steven-n's avatar
With the new rainmeter update, the skin crashes rainmeter if it's loaded.
ActiveColors's avatar
New beta should fix the problem. It looks like you use this skin a lot. Are you interested in close beta testing of a new version of this skin?
Steven-n's avatar
I'm totally interested in this.
haipham's avatar
great launcher, but I wonder if any chance I could possibly pull the launcher all the way down to bottom of the screen? :D
Steven-n's avatar
Is there a possibility of there being an update to allow for more links?

I have also had a problem where I cannot edit the 7th link. I can edit the other ones just fine, but for some reason, the 7th one can only be changed to a filepath. I can't type in a link like "steam://rungameid/367450" for the 7th one. I can do this for the others.
ActiveColors's avatar
Hello. Sorry for latish reply. Yes it is I going to support more links in the next update. I don't know when the next update is going to be though. I will post some news in my journal later about my skins.
I am aware of the 7th link problem. Here is how to fix it…
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I was hoping for folders not to be used as "links", but rather have an arrow that would open up that folder automatically, like in a rightclickmenu.
This way I could group my desktop icons in folders on the desktop and just link to those folders.
Now, when adding those folders to the launcher, it only opens that folder in explorer, which isn't what I wanted.
I want to clean up my desktop, but not have to use explorer to launch my shortcuts :P
And the renaming of the shortcuts is a bit clumsy, but well, if you know how, it works after all.
ActiveColors's avatar
Hi. I didn't quite get what you mean by "have an arrow that would open up that folder automatically". I am currently developing new version and if you explain your idea I might implement it.
edwinhaak's avatar
Well, you know how it works in a rightclickmenu?
Some options in it have a submenu, an arrow indicates that an extra menu will be opened next to it with those suboptions.
I was hoping that adding a folder here would do that same thing: If you hover your mouse over a folder location,
that it'll expand a menu next to it (till you get to the last folder if it contains those).
Now it just opens that folder location in explorer (I didn't miss a setting for this, right?)

My final goal was to only add a few main folders as shortcut which can open the submenu, with shortcuts it contains, when hovering over that folder.
This way I don't have to open extra explorers for those shortcuts, which I later on have to close again...

I hope this makes it a bit more clear? Good luck with the update ;)
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Hey, yes I got you. I have made external addons support that expand variety of different types of object you can add on the launcher. In current v1 three modules are hardcoded - file/application, folder, and web-link, but in v2 I have made expandable list of those types of objects and you can add more of them manually when me or someone else makes new addon. So yes, I have made an addon that is similar to what you describe. When you click it instead of opening folder it shows it's contents and you can click the contents and corresponding file or folder will be opened.
This is still under development but I after long break continuing working on it. Drop me a pm if you want to try new beta later.
edwinhaak's avatar
I think I'll forget about it, so I'll wait till full release.
Is hovering over it instead of clicking it no idea?
ActiveColors's avatar
I will think about it.
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