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UNITY 14 Rainmeter

By ActiveColors
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UNITY 2014: Rainmeter skin

Update 1
Added: Changing size from normal to compact.
Fixed: Fixed bug which caused to skip one track when clicking next button.

Includes 2 styles - Dark and Light
Comes with settings panel where you can change player, style, size and toggle animation.

    Check all cool UNITY stuff here: UNITY 2014

Inspired by UNITY 14 - CD Art Display by Danlosant
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does this work with online music websites (like Soundcloud?) :D

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Doesnt work properly with Spotify. no cover art, no title no progress bar, everything. Hope this'd be fixed. Anyway great job on this one! It looked great :)
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Sadly this doesn't work with my foobar :( Itunes, no problem, but not foobar
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You are probably missing foo_cad plugin which is required to make foobar work with rainmeter. You can find download here . Let me know if it fixes your issue.
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Awesome man, that fixed it!
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This is by far one of my favorite music bars. My only nit-picky complaint is that is feels a big wide, particularly when using it with Spotify since the album cover and progress bar don't work then. Great job with the animations!
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Thanks for your feedback. I added changing size feature and now you can able to choose compact size from settings.
By the way, haven't you tried that new spotify plugin from the rm forums?
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Thanks I'll try the new version.

I used to use it but now it's all glitchy and crashes a lot unfortunately. :/

EDIT: The new version requires Rainmeter 3.2 for some reason. Not sure if that was intended or not but I manually installed the skin and as far as I can tell it runs fine on 3.1 just like the previous version.
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Honestly, I can't track which version skins should use because of all that new functionality rm obtains from update to update, so I just define the latest version of rm. Anyways thanks for pointing up. I will update installer to require 3.1
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Nice composition of the screenshots. The masked frames seem as if to ripple thanks to the tasteful border you included in orbit around the frame. Absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing. 
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Thank you very much for your warm words. I really appreciate it :peace:
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Super awesome/gorgeous! :D
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Haha, thank you :D
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