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Path 1.1

Simplicity and flexibility merged into one Rainmeter skin. Path.
You would also like to check Path visual style for Windows 7

Updates Log

- Fixed bug when date won't change.
- Fixed bug when weather state won't change.
- Fixed typos in Russian language.

- First release


:bulletblue: Weather
:bulletblue: Notes
:bulletblue: Launcher
:bulletblue: Slideshow - horizontal and vertical dimensions
:bulletblue: Clock - normal and mini variants
:bulletblue: Music - normal, mini, and mini with vinyl
:bulletblue: Configurator to customize suit.

Release Notes

-It is highly recommended to choose your audio player for music widget, city for weather widget, and folder or image for slideshow widget right now for propper work of this suite
-Don't forget that to apply changes in editboxes you need to press ENTER.
-If you run Windows 7 or 8 text rendering should be fine. Otherwise download… this Platform Update to enable D2D rendering.


FenGenzus , Vlad Cristea, spovv

Thanks for everything!
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how to edit clock to 24H mode?? not 12H.

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There is a Settings skin.

Click right mouse button on any skin from Path, choose Path > Settings > Settings.ini, and navigate there to the Clock tab.

This is Soo.... what I have been looking for. gratzi!!!

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I loved the desing of the interface
Any chance of you make more options for this skin?

ex: network, feeds etc...?
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Thank you. Can't say no, but currently I have other plans in mind.
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Hey~ I'm kind of new to understanding rainmeter, I was wondering if you could help me understand how to change the album cover for the music players? Thank you. .^ ^.
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Hey. Album cover is grabbed from playing audo track. What do you really want to do?
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Sorry I responded so late. I pretty much couldn't get the audio player to connect to my Spotify. When I tried to look up how it's done, I've ran across some posts that said because of Spotify's update, some audio players might not work  anymore (I don't know if that's still an issue...) so I assumed that was the reason I couldn't get it to work, or that I was doing something wrong (probably the second one)... haha.
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It would be better if you used new spotify plugin.…
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This is my favourite Rainmeter skin! Thank you.
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Thanks. I'm glad to hear that.
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Wow mate. Good job! A lot of functions here and I really like that notepad! :highfive:
How do I change the temp unit to Fahrenheit? I already set unit=f. Great skin btw!

Edit: Nevermind, I got it! (Replaced the "C" in WTHRS_State_C to F)
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<You don't have to edit all those variables manually. Instead you could launch Path > Settings > Settings.ini skin and choose measuring from the GUI
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к теме то что надо, супер!
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Спасибо! )
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great package man. really nice
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absolutely stunning! :happybounce: 
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