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Muji TaskNote

Muji Task Note
Version: 1

          Simple and stylish Task Note for your desktop.

   Rainmeter is required to be installed.

Adrien Olczak
Wallpaper: Southern Alps

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How do i make it bigger ?

Very simple and a lots helpful for me. Thanks for this.

You mentioned in your journal that you're moving the future projects to GitHub but the github link is no longer valid, Where is the download for Version 2 right now?

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Hey. Thanks for writing. I really appreciate all the users who still wait for new releases. I am currently undergoing difficult times of my life, I have been in various shit over the past year. I am working now on mostly stabilizing my life and currently have no free time and energy to work on skins. My sincere apologize.


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So did you shit clear up?

Hope your life eases up Dovlet, this is just a hobby so don't take it too seriously. :)

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Hey! Thanks a lot! I will try to make some things happen on my upcoming break, let's see! By the way, where are you from?

How do we resize it lol
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how do you resize???

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yeah i love it but it's tiny on my screen
suggestio, make black/grey version for it also :D and adjustable length/width :D
how to make it bigger? it's so small :/ great design tho :D
Any Chance to have a re-size feature? Would be a perfect addon to my desktop but on a 4k display everything is tiny!
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Hey. I am making a new version with size changing feature. Stay tuned. :peace:
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is the resizable version available?

Guess not :')

Yup, can't find it either:-(

such a creative ! thnx man 
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i'm so in love but the link seems to be broken :(
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This will come in handy, thanks for making it. :)
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would add to favourites if its larger
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