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Time for some rules! Lets keep them simple!

1. Membership is open, feel free to join if you love FNAF!

2. *All FNAF art is welcome.

3. Please submit to the correct folder. Read this thoroughly for info on the folders:

4. *Submit only works you have created yourself.

*Unaltered screencaps from the game, text only screencaps of various websites, official art and things "borrowed" from mister google/Tumblr/Twitter/Wiki/ect will not be accepted under any circumstance.

5. *We do not have nor will we have a 'screencaps' folder. There are already enough of these floating around. Screencaps featuring nothing but unaltered imagery from the game or random text will be declined. Submissions using screencaps are permitted, however, under the premise the submitter has sufficiently altered them with their own artistic merit. "Add some text" memes, Visual text only submissions, "cut and paste" edits and one line literary submissions are frowned upon. Adult/fetish content is irrelevant to the game and as such, inadmissible to the group.

You can find more detailed info of what we WILL NOT accept here:

6. Have fun and conserve power!


Admin COC

1. Admin will not refuse submissions or memberships based on his own personal preference or opinions. The group is meant to be enjoyed by all.

2. Admin will endeavor to constantly keep group updated.

3. In the event of any dispute, all evidence will be fairly weighed and the admins decision is final.

4. In the event the admin cannot make a fair judgement alone, other members will be asked for input.
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If every artwork of fnaf is Allowed can I make there ships? 
and if I do... There is no Ship Folder or like
Canon x Canon or
Canon x OC
and also OC x OC
SuperLuigi1025's avatar
I just joined after a long time and thinking and I don't know where this would go… since I took it form my Garry's mod the last time I was on it but I am not sure where to put or if I can submit it here. Can you please tell me since I just joined and I this also the first time I joined a group so I don't know how to do this.:(
manglethefox300's avatar
Are we aloud to use bases for our art
Flies-in-my-eyes's avatar
Yes. Just so long as the artist has granted permission for them to be used.
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Just for curiosity, cuz i'm new in all of this of the group suumbissions, ecxatly, with FOLDER is the correct one for OC and all that stuf :pinkiepie: 
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Oh, sorry I missed this message! Curse this message center and its issues...
Anyways, for your fan characters, send those to the "fan characters" folder. If they are interacting with characters from the game, that can go to "fan characters with canon".
If you have any other questions, let us know. The founder or I will get back to you if we can help.
Cream1311's avatar
oh, ok thanks :D Fluttershy dance 
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So, I was just curious: Do you guys accept fan-made stories, where some of the characters have changed a little like Bonnie or Puppet's gender changing?

I have a fan made story already almost done. It tells of me (As a gender bended OC) taking up the job of security guard at the pizzeria, and my OC, whose name is Cindy, befriends Freddy and the original four animatronics (Along with Golden Freddy, who she patches up and repairs to where he's able to sing and dance again. In the story he is Freddy's younger twin brother). Then on the 5th night Springtrap (Who is of course from the 3rd game) attacks Cindy and the animatronics, and in the end he is set on fire where he burns away into a pile of ash. With him gone, the animatronics are freed from Purple Guy (Who of course is inside Springtrap). In a Beauty and The Beast style ending, the animatronics turn into humans, and then introduce Cindy to the newer animatronics from the 2nd game. In the story, The Puppet/Marionette is a girl, and Mangle looks more like a female version of Foxy, minus the hook and eye patch of course. And thus she's not like how she is in the game. Finally, after they all become human Freddy and Mange get together, Chica and Foxy get together I'm sure a lot of people will like that, as it tends to be a very common ship). And Bonnie gets together with Puppet/Marionette. And Golden Freddy looks up to Cindy like a mother (Since he's the youngest of the kids). So for the ending, Cindy becomes the owner of the pizzeria, along with the mother of all the human-turned animatronics, cause when they turned human they became kids again. But while they are still young children in terms of looks, since they were killed years ago that means they are like that one girl in that horror movie Orphan. They look like kids, but they're actually adults now. So yea. Pretty much with story, it links all 3 of the stories of the 3 games together.

So what do you all think? Would I perhaps be able to submit this in?
Flies-in-my-eyes's avatar
Yes! We will certainly accept that.

I think it sounds good so please feel free to submit it.
ChrisBennettSonic's avatar
Ok then. Sounds good!! ^^
ChrisBennettSonic's avatar
Gosh, it feels like forever since last I was here. xDD

I was so busy doing other things, such as helping out some of my fellow deviants, as well as IRL stuff, that I almost forgot about coming here and asking if I could submit a story I made.

That said story is done, with it going with 2 nights for the first two parts, and then the third part is the 5th night, and the final battle against Springtrap (There is a moment where Springtrap catches my character, Cindy and tries to choke her out but overall the stories don't get all that violent. x3

Then as a ending after the fifth night, there's the two extra bonus nights (Just like the game), and Cindy, Freddy and the others work together to fix up the pizzeria, turning half of it into a cozy home for them all to live in, and the other half is of course the restaurant. So it's like a family business kind of thing now. x3

That said, I'm possibly considering going though with a continuation of the story, telling of different moments in the lives of the characters, but I'm not totally sure yet. I may see if I can set up a request poll, telling of what I will and will not do (As I want to be sure to follow your rules and all that. x3)

But anyway, I'll be sure to submit my story I real soon. :D
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Would I be able to submit fnaf adopts? ><
Ball00n-Cafe's avatar
baxmin's avatar
So that sucks im mostly good at meams
Flies-in-my-eyes's avatar
There are plenty of other great FNAF groups that do accept them.
Derpyhooves589's avatar
Does that mean I can't post my memes?
Flies-in-my-eyes's avatar
Can if you significantly enhance the images with your own artistic creativity!

Cannot if they are just screencaps or pictures saved from google that have text added. I am sorry.
Derpyhooves589's avatar
It's ok. I just can't draw.
Flies-in-my-eyes's avatar
You can draw!

And we are happy to have that pic in this group.

Just practice a little more and you will keep improving.
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My english is not so good, I don't understand Nr. 5 .-.
Are pictures with mature content allowed? (with filter on)
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Simply put, we do not accept sexual content and fetish art. That sort of stuff isn't related to the game.
If it's violence or blood and gore, that is allowed if the filter is on for more severe stuff, since the game deals with violent themes.
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