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(Last updated: November 21, 2014)
Hello everyone, first off let me thank you all for joining the groups and submitting your art here! With the group growing quite nicely, there's a lot of submissions coming in. We appreciate you taking the time to share your art with the group, keep it up!

Unfortunately, we've had to decline a few recently. Please note that the decision to decline something isn't personal, and if one of us is thinking about declining a piece we wait for the opinion of the other so it gets a fair shot. Quality is subjective and we want to encourage beginners and skilled artists alike, so as long as it shows that you put forth effort to create your art, it will probably be accepted.

That said, here's a list of what will most likely get your work declined.

1. The piece is not clearly relevant to Five Nights at Freddy's. Fan characters should be clearly animatronic (if animatronics), or clearly employees of Freddy's Pizzeria (if security guards, etc.), or clearly interacting with characters from the game or in the environment. If it's a re-imagining of existing canon characters (such as humanized versions or crossovers), we should be able to tell who they are meant to be by looking at them. In the case of crossovers involving non-FNAF characters, they should follow the same rules as fan characters (be clearly animatronic/employees or interacting with the game's characters and/or environment).
Please note that blatant fetish art will also be declined.
2. The piece is a screenshot, "meme" or "pasty" edit. We're here to spotlight original content and encourage creativity. That said, simply hitting "print screen" or borrowing pictures from the Wiki isn't really creative, and neither is simply slapping text across them. Exceptions are made if the screenshots/official art are significantly altered (think using them as backgrounds for your characters or as part of a larger project such as a comic, or for creation of animated avatars and things along those lines) or simply being used as the cover for a fan-fiction or something.
3. The piece isn't yours. See above, we're here to spotlight original content and encourage creativity. If you stole it from Memebase or Tumblr or wherever, it will not be accepted. End of story.
4. It violates DeviantArt ToS.
5. "Anti such and such", "I hate this and that" or any other form of submissions with the sole intent to bash, ridicule, disparage in part or in whole any aspects of the FNAF fandom will be automatically declined. No questions asked. We are here to share what we like and NOT to dwell on what we don't.

If something of yours was declined and you aren't sure why or feel we made a mistake, send us a note! We'd be happy to explain what the issue is and if a mistake was made on our end we'll correct it.

Thanks for reading, have fun and remember to check Pirate Cove.
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Well most of my FNAF stuff is Screenshots I took while Playing Garry's Mod and thought where funny when I took them.:)
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We gladly allow Gmod screenshots since Gmod usually involves plenty of the users own ideas and set-ups. :)
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WOW :3 will be a BIG CHANGE FOR ME! :3 i can try it :meow:
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5 rules of Freddy's
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Violators will be stuffed in an empty Freddy Fazbear suit.
Or at least have their submissions declined.
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Ah, I forgot to add the "no hate/troll art" rule, good catch!
It's a shame that came up recently...
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I gotta stop reading these So quickly. I always read really fast when ever I read something like this.
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A lot, but good to know.
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Wow that's alot
Flies-in-my-eyes's avatar
Its 5 rules... All of which are mere common sense and most are already in the rules set out by deviantART anyway.
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I know that I meant that's a long journal. And I agree with these rules
Flies-in-my-eyes's avatar
My mistake, I apologize.

I guess that this entry could be trimmed down so its more just right to the point.
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No that's fine ^^ 
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So like you will accept human versions if they are recognizable (cause I'm really bad at drawing animals ;~; ) and like a security guard own character (OC)? Sorry, I'm a bit confused on that part ^^;
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Feel free to submit them and we'll let you know. Some of the stuff is sort of hard to explain in words so we'd have to decide on a case-by-case basis. Sorry if they way I explained it is a tad confusing, I did my best without having to resort to tons of visual aids on what is acceptable and what isn't.

If the humanized versions of the FNAF characters are clearly recognizable as who they are meant to be, that's fine. We should be able to tell that they are meant to be, say, Freddy, just by looking at it. There's a lot of wiggle room there but the sort of things I'd probably look for would be the use of Freddy's colors somehow, or things I'd associate with Freddy like a bowtie, a microphone, etc.
Basically, could I tell it's meant to be Freddy without reading the description?

Security guards would be a bit harder to explain, but they should just "look the part" is the best way I can explain it. Since there's no canon art of Mike Schmidt or any other employee that I'm aware of, it's hard to really pin down what they should look like specifically. That's something that would have to probably be decided on a case-by-case basis until the fandom as a whole sort of "decides" what the guard should look like, but the most common versions I have seen so far tend to be dressed rather simply with a cap that says "security" and/or has some sort of company logo for Freddy Fazbear Pizza on them somewhere.

The reason I listed that one is because I've seen a couple that were sort of hard to tell what's going on. I don't want to give the impression that only very generic human versions are allowed, but we also want to discourage people from posting completely irrelevant art under the guise that it's a "human version" or "security guard OC".

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask! I'll do my best to answer them for you.
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Derp. I have a question but I'll note you :/
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