FNAF music thread.

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I thought it may be a fun idea to make a thread of existing songs that remind us of or seem to match the themes of FNAF well.

This is just for fun. There is no incorrect answer here.

I'll go first.


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Slight necro here, but In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins seems to fit Springtrap's story particularly well, as does Monster by Imagine Dragons.
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Stole the Show by Kygo
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Electric Light Orchestra's "Telephone Line" -- www.youtube.com/watch?v=77R1Wp…

It's a hauntingly sad song and perfectly fitting for Phone Guy as he's trying to call Mike.
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Song Name- Artist name

Enter Sandman- Metallica (really reminds me of FNaF 4)
Monster- Skillet
Animal I Have Become- Three Days Grace 
Riot- Three Days Grace
White Rabbit- Egypt Central
Mz Hyde- Halestorm
The Good Life- Three Days Grace

lol sorry so many X3

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Circus Monster (Vocaloid song) English version.
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Flashlight by Jessie J. 
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There are a few songs that I can see paired with certain FNaF-related scenarios, on top of being fun to listen to on their own.

For example, when listening to Cocatrice by Zabutom, I imagine an intense-looking music video taking place in the first game. It starts with a daytime shot of the restaurant, which quickly turns to night as the second few notes of the song play. There are shots of the security guard walking in, past ominous shots of the animatronics, and he flips up his monitor to the note at the 16 second mark. The next few notes show him checking the cameras, and the animatronics quickly begin to move. Then, at the 38 second mark, one of them enters the office and attacks. However, Mike fights back, and the rest of the video is a big fight scene between Mike and the animatronics as the music plays on.

Another song I like to mentally pair with FNaF is Watermelon Steven from the Steven Universe soundtrack. The quirky chiptune chirps and occasional dips into minor make me think of the animatronics meeting a child, either after-hours or outside of the restaurant entirely. It is mentioned in the second game that even while haunted, they interact fine with children, so I like to think that upon meeting a child after hours, they'd act friendly and possibly try to keep secret that they become bloodthirsty towards adults.

And finally, the best way I can describe the haunting and wonderfully overly long-windedly-titled High Pressure Will Build Over the Waters From the West and Areas of Fog After Midnight from the Time Fcuk soundtrack is that it sounds as if Mangle attempted to sing. The song consists of melancholic notes buried underneath static and radio chatter, and the song makes me think of the souls of the children forcibly entangled within the machinery of the animatronics. 
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The Imaginarium soundtrack by Nightwish. :) "Storytime", "Rest Calm", "I want my Tears Back" and "Scaretale" really seem to fit. At least, in my opinion. www.youtube.com/playlist?list=…
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Also possibly "Master Passion Greed" by Nightwish for Purple Guy. Sorry, huge symphonic metal fan here. XD
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Let's kill tonight by Panic at the Disco
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