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So, who has FNAF 4 and is playing it now?

Who has stories they want to share?

I am playing now. I played my first round and was made good on the first night at 5am... Its quite a different game than the prior releases!
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played demo... did not go well...
Night1:jumpscared by bonie retry
Night2:jumpscared by chicka
night... oh never mind I basically did not play after night 2 and did not sleep well for about a month...
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I was watching my friend play it, and he didn`t know he could turn around yet. He turns around. INSTANT JUMPSCARE BY NIGHTMARE FREDD
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Don't know haven't gotten yet because I have heard it was the Demo and not the full game yet and when the full game comes out I am saving my money to get it.:(
But I am willing to hear stories people have about the game play they did it sounds fun!:D
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the endings uuuggghh its quiet heart breaking and sad :c that all i gotta say 
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The endings? People are beating it this quickly? No spoilers, please, for the fans' sake, but the fact that there are multiple endings is probably a good thing to put out there.

Don't tell Scott that people beat it already. He'll have FNAF5 up by Christmas if he finds out.
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i don't think he would make a fnaf 5 since he got a movie to make and a dlc to make and don't worry i won't :3 
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For some reason, I NEVER FIGURE OUT HOW TO PLAY PROPERLY. When I played FNAF 3 for the first time, I made it to night 3 without knowing I could PLAY AUDIO OR ACCESS THE VENTS.    Freddy Facepalm Chat Icon Bonnie Facepalm Chat Icon Marionette facepalm icon 
And so FNaF 4 comes, out, I die to Freddy, and I'm like "W-Wtf, I did what you told me what did I do wroooong..."Five Nights at Freddy's - Crying Child  Free FNAF2 Crying Child Icon 

So I go to markimoo for assistance, only to find out I could TURN AROUND. WHAT? Llama Emoji-66 (Orly) [V3] Free Scared Purple Guy Icon 
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Wow, they made another sequel already? Hasn't the concept gotten stale yet? The same game has now been made a whopping 4 times and people are still buying it.
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I guess I'll jump in here too because I'm a bit more on your side... The founder seems a bit more hardcore while I'm more of a casual fan it seems. I loved the first one but found the sequels to be a bit underwhelming to be honest.
I look at it more like a haunted house around Halloween time. You pay a few bucks, get a few scares, have a little fun and that's about it until next year's haunted house. Or in FNAF's case, next month's. In either case it's the same basic formula with a different arrangement of things that pop out and go BOO! and some people have more fun with that than others.
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People are still buying it - people are still seeing new star wars movies. 
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Comparing an overall fairly decent movie franchise to a series of 'horror' games in which you sit in a chair and occasionally get jumpscared isn't exactly a relevant comparison, if you ask me.
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People like what they like and we all have different tastes. 
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(im sorry i couldnt help but reply about your icon XD)
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oh okay...
she ending the stream anyways  
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im too scared haha
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