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Honda S2000

Completed in 3-4 days i think, i spent 2 hours per a day, enjoy.

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i like details and work... but this car is horrible :>
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Looks like a combination between a Honda S2000, a 1993 Dodge Viper, and a Lotus Elise...
O5akafeeva's avatar
one speed bump and bumper=fucked.
dragondonor's avatar
I would die to drive that honda
oOCaptainCrazyOo's avatar
Painting on top of a 3D model or picture... Seen it before...
SuperSayin5Goku's avatar
This sux ass you should quit
Hamisxa69's avatar
yeah man your pictures are definitely better
Teslarossa's avatar
Awesome direction you've gone with on this one!
jyippe's avatar
would love that kind of S2K, very nice job
This is the first time I have seen this art. The artist is amazing and has quite the eye for cars. I think this car is beautiful. I would love to commision more artwork for the front,back and sides so I can begin a real life project on this car. Please let me know if it is possible and how to make it happen.
StygianVale's avatar
Sick! Very well done!
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I remember this old chop, and it's still mindblowing haha!
I have been thinking of creating a lotus elise style top for my S2000 alot lately. I just saw your image an it is almost exactly what I was thinking, even the gas cap on the B pillar. If you have any rough sketches or measurements of the top or strakes I could use please let me know.. Mine will be in Berlina Black though.
Alvin-Alwahaibi's avatar
which software did you use !! this is amazing
I know this is an old piece, but think you could possibly do a front view of this FANTASTIC looking automobile?
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TMSVirtualTuning's avatar
very cool nice work
this design is sick is there anyway i could see what you had in mind with the front?, im very interested in getting your artwork realized by bringing this concept to custom bodykit makers for my s2000
JosephKustoms's avatar
Nice work. It looks realy realistic, but i can´t imagine this chop in the real world. :)
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Yeah it's so hard to imagine it in real. :)
Thank you. :)
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