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Rendezvous in World 8

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"You'll retrieve Mario's power stars for me. And if you even THINK of trying anything funny, I'll burn everything you hold dear to the ground. You can never Koop a Koopa. Remember that, little princess.
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Film Noir Mario Bros. This is a thing now a I love it.
Boss Bowser
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I adore everything about this. 

I keep looking at Peach (I personally like her in the series) and every time my eyes glide back to Bowser, I find something else I love. His hands and nails are perfect, the drink is a classy touch. I adore his hair and how his shell sits on his figure. Perfect mob boss type of a character, relaxed and confident.

I adore the noire lighting on Peach's face. 

The shading is perfection. Details on her legs, on his suit. 

I think more than anything else, the shading and the lighting are my favourite. It really 'makes' the piece. 

Nicely done!