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Fahrenheit 451 by Act-of-Acadia Fahrenheit 451 by Act-of-Acadia
Clarisse from Fahrenheit 451. A poster of sorts.
The words are from the beginning of Hamlet.
This was aboutůseven layers. I usually use anywhere from two to twenty two.
Fahrenheit 451 ę Ray Bradbury

Edit:: Three critiques in, and I'm glad I made it an option. All suggestions taken into account- I'm working on my anatomy and eventually I'll get around to my special effects for things like fire and better background. Thank you all.
This is beautiful. The background, the dress, Clarisse herself, everything. It captures the essence of the book well, especially with the words on the dress. And the fact that you got them from Hamlet, a classic book, takes it to the next level. Especially considering that the book specifically mentioned Hamlet as one of the books the firemen were to burn, it being a classic.
The fire could be better, and the black lines at the bottom of the dress could be removed to make it look a little more realistic, but other than that you did a fantastic job.
What do you think?
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Okay, starting of, I did not read the book(?) this is based on so I'll just put 2.5 stars in the 'Vision' field.

Originality 4 because I can't remember having seen a pic with a burning woman in a page dress.

Technique 0.5 because:
1. No knowledge of anatomy visible. The outline itself isn't that off but from the way you defined her arm and shoulders it's clear that you don't know your way around skeleton structure and muscles. Study that.
2.The whole thing from the outlines to the fire is a complete mess of seemingly random scribbles and color splotches. The outline actually overlays the fire which either means that you don't really know how to use layers or were really lazy and didn't care to do even a proper outline. -Which, btw, is the least the viewer can expect of a digital non-painting. AKA learn how to do linework (which you can only do when you know anatomy btw), learn how to paint fire and learn how to draw hair.
3.There is no shading.
4.Background is nothing but a filled in canvas with some random gadient.
5.The colors look horrible together. See how to create contrast: NEVER place a red/orange fire on a orange/yellow background, it just doesn't work.

Impact 2.5 because I can only judge the technique properly and for impact I'd need info on the book.

To sum it up: The pic is acceptable for a beginner but if you want to improve (which I assume, since you have enabled critique, which is for getting actual critique) you should study anatomy and lay off digital drawing until you get a hang on drawing in the first place. You aren't ready for digital if you cannot draw clean linework
If this is not the type of feedback you hoped to get then you clearly should not enable critique and instead check out some groups dedicated to ordinary comments.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
14 out of 15 deviants thought this was fair.

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Muzlalilulelo Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013
I really liked this picture, I'm surprised that non of the book covers are like this!
natsumeshapeshifter Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012
hdufchdoughuohg I loved that book
so hard
Act-of-Acadia Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012
I did too!
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