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Fahrenheit 451



Clarisse from Fahrenheit 451. A poster of sorts.
The words are from the beginning of Hamlet.
This was about…seven layers. I usually use anywhere from two to twenty two.
Fahrenheit 451 © Ray Bradbury

Edit:: Three critiques in, and I'm glad I made it an option. All suggestions taken into account- I'm working on my anatomy and eventually I'll get around to my special effects for things like fire and better background. Thank you all.
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Alrighty, this is the first critique I've ever done, so bear with me xD

Vision: I gave you a 4, because I quite like this idea. It's a very creative image, with the burning paper dress. I also like the addition of the text from Hamlet. I haven't read the book Fahrenheit 451, so I don't know the character or story this is drawn from, but I like the interpretation.

Originality: I'll give you a 4 for this too. Burning paper woman = awesome.

Technique: I only gave you a 1 for this. Please don't be discouraged by fact, let it motivate you to do better on the next one. You clearly have the creativity needed for good art, but you're lacking some of the technical skills. Now, I'm guilty of using gradient backgrounds in the past, but I've gotten to the point where I just hate seeing them. They're an easy way to fill space, and they're not all that appealing. Don't be afraid to play around with textures or brushes. Also, the colour choice is a bit flawed. It's too bright. I like brightness occasionally, but you have to use it in moderation. Balance it out with some darker, duller tones.
I like that you made it darker around the edges, but I feel like you could have taken that even further.
Your style is also a tad inconsistent. I like the way you did that sketchy outline, but it clashes quite a bit with the smooth background. A grungy background would suit the lines better, and smoother thicker lines would fit the background you have much better.
Now, onto the fire. Sorry, but this fire really bugs me. It looks a bit too triangular and stiff, like flower petals. But not good flower petals. Try looking up reference pictures of fire, and putting a bit more effort into painting them.
As well, the outline shouldn't be in front of the fire.

Impact: I gave you 1.5 stars for impact. Again, don't be discouraged by this! When I was younger, I did a lot of stuff like this. Creative, but with very little technical skill. Creativity is really what counts; you just need to build on it. Also, for a better impact, you could try adding some cooler colours in with the hotter colours, do add a bit of contrast and interest.

Hope that helped. Good luck on your future paintings!