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I didn´t know where to upload this, could also be abstract or surreal, but I´ve chosen this because of the thematical background.
In fact, I haven´t planned to paint Lovecraft´s Yog-Sothoth - I was just painting abstract without clear idea, then it seemed to me that this could be one of the Lovecraftian gods and I developed it to figure that out.

Acrylics on canvas (20cm x 20cm) in about 2 or 3 hours.
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Where is the human face??
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Which god needs a human face? :D
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When Curtis Whateley described it, he said that it has a horrible human face... But i agree whit you.
Why would it need a face?
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That was Wilbur's Twin, I think ;)
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Okay, I forgot that, but I think it may not always appear the same way.
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Very nice work. Reminds me of the famous Basil Gogos' work!
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hi, I´ve featured this in my journal [link]
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I'm working on a sci fi story heavily influenced by Lovecraftian writing and littered with references to him, and while this reminds me more of my version of Great Ubbo-Sathla than Yog-Sothoth it is still a very amazing picture, and as if taken directly from this story. Need I mention that I love it?
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Finally a Yog Sothoth that doesnt look as a giant blob or a group of eyes... great!
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That is cool. Just... utter madness...
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Love the work, glad I found you. But wasn't Sothy described as a conglomeration of glowing spheres? Could it be I missed this description or would this simply be artist personal rendition?
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KICK ... ASS!!!
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His demon ichor powers the heart valve inside Cheney's chest.
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Yoggy! Glomps!
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Amazing work! That really is surreal! Great job man! :D
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Great concept. Good paiting skills!
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I think he's smiling.... I think...
JoeMavro's avatar that some sort of yogurt?
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Wild idea, even for Yog- Sothoth!
But for a blind shot, a good one =_0
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hmm, the leech like tendril creatures seem to be in many of your works, and seemingly are all the ideas of which people use to paint Lovecraft's creatures.

Besides that, I think this monstosity deserves credit for being done with the intention to be highly original, which it seemingly is.

the odd shape you lend to most your works is also predominant here, the branch like, gnarled, knotty obtrusions quite apparent.
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Nice work, although it strikes me more as a shoggoth than ol' yog.
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