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The background texture of this digital painting comes from a digitally modified scanned background of an (unfinished) abstract acrylic painting of mine. I had no idea what it would be in the end, I just let it happen.
When finished the name "R'lyeh" (from Lovecraft's "Call of Cthulhu") came into my mind, because of the (mostly) non-euclidean appearence of that chaotic building(s) - although I always imagined R'lyeh more compact and not that fragile.
Anyway, hope you like it!

Texture: digitally modified acrylic painting
All details: digital paining done on a Wacom tablet in Painter
About 10 hours in total

Edit: I've uploaded the image with my homepage in it, sorry for that, but I have noticed that someone has uploaded one of my paintings on facebook and pretended that he has painted it. So, I'm afraid, I'll have to do this with all my paintings in future...
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Amazing work!!!
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Like the contrast between colors
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very very good. Lighting is perfect, really gives the impression of a stormy sea.
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Wow this is awesome!
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awesome athmosphere <3
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I need to find out their apartment rates after I'm done with college :lol:
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i love this. very eerie.
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You did a fantastic job. It looks great!
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such a great painting =D
Looks really, really cool and I love the light :clap:
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Featured your work here: [link]
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One of the better tries at alien, insane architecture I've seen.
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OMG! :wow: Fantastic! :love:
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Love it! awesome work!
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I like it, it's not often you see an image of R'lyeh. Whenever I try to visualize it I just end up confusing myself, haha. It was brave of you to paint it. Very nice work, has a crazy dark atmosphere. I like the hint of moonlight peeking through the mist.
nice! i really like your detail there
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Your art is very inspiring. :)
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Your beautiful work is featured in our group's weekly feature :iconsoulcollectors: [link] :hug:
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