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Out of balance

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Just finished this painting, a personal work.
Some of the ideas came while painting, although I had a topic in mind.
Acrylics on round medium density fibreboard, 50 cm in diameter, about one week of work

Here you can see a newer painting of mine with a similar topic:…
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Excellent work! Keep it up!

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Great job! This reminds me very much of a documentary called koyaanisqatsi (which is a native american indian meaning "life out of ballance", just as your painting)! Seems pretty related with your work!
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Thank you very much!
That documentary (and its soundtrack) is awesome, btw - I've watched it several times!
The funny thing is, I haven't thought of that film while giving this painting its title!
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Perhaps it was subconscious ;)! And indeed it's an amazing movie/ soundtrack!!
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This looks awesome!
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Beautiful concept!La la la la 
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Reminds me of the album covers of Kreator's Coma of Souls, Violent Revolution and Enemy of God.
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Hehe, I didn't notice the similarity up to now, but you're right, especially concerning "Coma Of Souls", despite its completely different setting and meaning.
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Wow, you listen to Kreator too?? I didn't even think you'd be the type :D
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Hehe, I listen to a lot of Metal of almost all kinds...
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Ah, nice. That's nice to hear.
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haha perfect!  That describes something I feel about the world. 
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Wow :wow: the statement you've made here is powerful.

Good luck at the exhibition, BTW.
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Thank you very much!
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Cool painting!  I like your solution on how to make a robot seem masculine.  The 'nail beard' reminds me of some African masks and sculptures.  Enjoy your exhibit! :)
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Thanks a lot! I wasn't sure if it was clear that the technical half of the head is supposed to be masculine, despite the "nail-beard", so I'm glad that you noticed it.
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