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Castles in the sky

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I've painted this quite spontaneously (for an exhibition), without any reference or clear idea in the beginning.
Acrylic on cardboard, ca. 63 cm x 43 cm, about 20 hours of work

You can now order prints of this image!

Edit2: I've uploaded the image with my homepage in it, sorry for that, but I have noticed that someone has uploaded one of my paintings on facebook and pretended that he has painted it. So, I'm afraid, I'll have to do this with all my paintings in future...
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Classic but beautiful, as they say old but gold
Is this like a reference to Laputa?
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Not intended, although I love that movie!
But the influence for my paintings like this is much older - paintings by Roger Dean.
Oh ok. I haven't seen Laputa in 5 years.
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That water would empty in minutes.
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Not if it rains every day heavily! ^^
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It would run out faster than rain could fill it. :(
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:icondennisflipplz: Awesomely Awesome! :icondennisflipplz:
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paulneryProfessional Digital Artist
Great work!
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SpadaNocheStudent General Artist
Beautiful, I cant think of anything else to describe it.
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Amazing.. I love it.
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jelk1Professional Traditional Artist
Beautiful work!
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BondoFoxHobbyist Traditional Artist
That is unbelievably incredible.
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nine9nine9Professional Digital Artist
You have great skills! A wonderful "painter of light!"

Featured in my "It's a Surreal World" Journal, [link]
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Thank you very much!
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Irbeus Digital Artist
This is an awesome piece!
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cogwurxProfessional Interface Designer
Great stuff!
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segura2112Student Digital Artist
In an infinite Multiverse all things are pissible.
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This is one of my favorite works on this website, and that is saying a lot - good job, you are a talented artist indeed!
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Well, I feel honored - thanks a lot!
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HawkbitternStudent General Artist
Lets hope people who live there have air travel, if not they're very stuck.

Awesome picture by the way.
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RoxyCloudHobbyist Traditional Artist
awesome :)
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