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Kaijuverse: Godzilla

Titles: King of the Monsters, God of Land and Sea.
Origin: A giant reptilian Kaiju residing off the coast of Japan that was awakened by the nuclear bombs that hit Hiroshima, Gojira is one of the Kaiju who protects the ecosystem from any threat.
Classification: Reptilian
Status: Alpha
Length: 216.4 m (710 ft.)
Height: 108.2 m (355 ft.)
Weight: 90,000 tons
*Atomic Breath. 
*Atomic Pulse.
 Gojira has a rapid healing ability that requires large sources of radiation.
*Eyes/Insides: While most of Gojira's body is covered in tough osteoderms, his eyes and insides are soft, and can be considered weak areas.
*Lack of Flight.
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My personal favorites of the character are

ShodaiJira/Tora Gojira
GMK Gojira
Final Gojira
and Titanus Gojira
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that's a great godzilla!

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The best Godzilla art I’ve seen yet. Can’t wait till you redraw Kong and Kongzilla

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yeeeee boi. well done.

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Hi I’m new here and like for more people to see my Art

Also I’m going to watch this movie today lol
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Being a king as he should
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He looks very good. I have troubles drawing the chest plates and they are difficult to draw on the left side view.

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I'm not a fan of hunched over Godzillas, but great job.

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I like this design, has a very naturalistic take to it from the dinosaurian stance to the very Komodo dragon like head. Pretty realistic design work for such a improbably creature as Godzilla.

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love the wavy look on those spines

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He looks so awesome.
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It's beautifully designed.

Yet the "Protector" type of Godzilla Hurt's me.

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This is awesome.

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