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I technically never stopped liking General Grievous ever since I first saw him back in the '03 Clone Wars, but the Feelings™ have come back strong lately

so an attempt at doodling the old windbag again was in order, and I couldn't help polishing it up
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Grievous, the best boi in the CIS.

Really good looking Angular elongated Grievous!

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I first saw him in the Clone Wars animated movie and fell for this guy hard. Then the 3rd movie came out and I've been annoyed that he was wasted and killed off so easily ever since. General Grievous needs love dang it!

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Oh <i>man</i> I could go on and on about how pissed I was at RotS and how Lucas had to water Grievous down so much for it. And then in more recent times, how they decided to redo his backstory for how he became a cyborg in the first place into a newer, lamer one, and make him a mustache-twirling villain for the newer Clone Wars cartoon (and in the act made the '03 Clone Wars non-canon!). From what I can tell the comic adaptations at least take him more seriously, but it's still nowhere near what he was originally in '03.

I reject the new canon and you can pry the old canon from my cold, dead hands. :v

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You have my well as support there.

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Oh wow! You drew him so amazingly!! Bravo!!

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Im not a fan of Star Wars but this picture is awesome

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