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Bored by AcreaPiltOver Bored :iconacreapiltover:AcreaPiltOver 1 0 TXT: Crown - Soobin by AcreaPiltOver TXT: Crown - Soobin :iconacreapiltover:AcreaPiltOver 6 0 Be my model! Ch1 by AcreaPiltOver Be my model! Ch1 :iconacreapiltover:AcreaPiltOver 0 0 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY: MIMIKYU GIJINKA by AcreaPiltOver HAPPY VALENTINES DAY: MIMIKYU GIJINKA :iconacreapiltover:AcreaPiltOver 4 0 Pokemon Gijinka: Lycanroc (Midday) [Sketch] by AcreaPiltOver Pokemon Gijinka: Lycanroc (Midday) [Sketch] :iconacreapiltover:AcreaPiltOver 1 0 OC: Charlie by AcreaPiltOver OC: Charlie :iconacreapiltover:AcreaPiltOver 1 0 PROMPTS #1: Scrawny, Awkward Teenager by AcreaPiltOver PROMPTS #1: Scrawny, Awkward Teenager :iconacreapiltover:AcreaPiltOver 3 0 Galactic Halo by AcreaPiltOver Galactic Halo :iconacreapiltover:AcreaPiltOver 2 0 Purple Tanzanite: V by AcreaPiltOver Purple Tanzanite: V :iconacreapiltover:AcreaPiltOver 1 0 Dark Deku by AcreaPiltOver Dark Deku :iconacreapiltover:AcreaPiltOver 4 0 The Dancer (Remake Sketch) by AcreaPiltOver The Dancer (Remake Sketch) :iconacreapiltover:AcreaPiltOver 5 0 I hoped that I have improved... by AcreaPiltOver I hoped that I have improved... :iconacreapiltover:AcreaPiltOver 2 0 New Art Style??? by AcreaPiltOver New Art Style??? :iconacreapiltover:AcreaPiltOver 2 0 Mimikyu Gijinka (Clearer Ver.) by AcreaPiltOver Mimikyu Gijinka (Clearer Ver.) :iconacreapiltover:AcreaPiltOver 19 2 Mimikyu Gijinka by AcreaPiltOver Mimikyu Gijinka :iconacreapiltover:AcreaPiltOver 4 0 My Version of Pokemon Gijinka by AcreaPiltOver My Version of Pokemon Gijinka :iconacreapiltover:AcreaPiltOver 5 0


Fire Emblem Awakening: Frederick x Fem. Reader

Sleep Tight

 “Ugg,” Frederick grumbled running his hands through his chestnut hair and shaking his head, trying desperately to keep his normally keen eyes open.
The knight was slumped on the super plush (seriously why did it have to be so comfortable) couch in one of the castle’s many drawing rooms, his legs extended out in front of him onto the coffee table and crossed at his ankles to create a makeshift human table. The piece of paper that he and Ylisse’s tactician had been mulling over for a good hour now was draped over his lap. It was only noon based on the location of the shadows tracing the more intimately-sized room as the sun pored through the large gothic-cathedral windows behind them. It was a beautiful first floor room. One of his and Robin’s personal favorites, mostly because of the fact that it seemed to be made more for normal people and less for entertaining large groups of snotty nobles. The dec
:iconalteara-del-mar:Alteara-del-Mar 41 14
Mature content
Thicker Than Water: Madara Uchiha :iconmalikjuana:malikjuana 1 0
Trust/Lean {Sho Minazuki/Reader}
“You have such a nice back, Sho-kun~”
He gives a low growl as your hands move down his exposed back. You can tell that he isn’t thrilled. He never has been. After the whole commotion with the Grand Prix, he had been stuck with you. You being the only person willing to welcome him with open arms. He had nowhere else to go. And if he stayed with you, the Kirijo Group could keep an eye on him as well. Perfect for everyone. Except Sho, of course. Because Minazuki had vanished. You had learned a lot about the two of them, through Sho’s subtle comments. Sho also suffered from routine nightmares, with no one to keep him “safe”.
Now, he was  shirtless after a shower, and you kneeled on the bed behind him. He shivered at your touch, and you could see his knuckles turn white as he gripped the sheets.
“Sho-kun… Talk to me.” The two of you had your good and bad moments. It depended on Sho’s mood. Of course, you were still attempting
:iconpastelyosuke:PastelYosuke 20 1
Bullies!Hetalia X Bullied!Reader Ch. 24
Chapter 24
Lunch ended soon enough, and after bidding her new friends goodbye, (Name) made her way to Chem with Felix.
“So, (Name)! What was it like being surrounded by girls for a change?” The Polish teen asked as he looped his arm through (Name)’s. “A bit of a culture shock, I’m guessing.”
The girl couldn’t help but laugh softly, nodding in reply. “Yeah, it was certainly different, but… A nice different.”
Felix grinned, bumping his shoulder with (Name)’s “Good! And I hope you’re looking forward to that mall trip.”
“I am… I haven’t actually done something like that before.” She admitted, her gaze turning to the floor as the two walked down the hall. She looked up at the sound of Felix gasping and looking at her in utter shock.
“You. Did. Not.” He said, almost offended by her admittance.
“I-I just never had friend to hang out with or do stuff like that
:iconmangafan23:mangafan23 91 21
The Soulmates - Sinbad x Reader Ch 24 (Magi / AU)
*** Warning: This chapter is a soft lemon.***
"Yes. Sure. Come in" Sinbad moves from the door letting you go into his room.
"How are you feeling? You should be resting"
His hair looks a bit wet and he's not wearing any of his jewelry. It looks like he got out of the shower not long ago.
"I'm ok. The doctor gave me something for the pain" You stand near the closed door, not sure where to look.
"Listen, I... I want to apologize again. I acted beyond stupidity. I should've listened to you when you told me not to go out..." You look away, nervously tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear.
"Yes, you should. Why didn't you?" He looks at you intensely, tilting his head a bit.
"I don't know. I was hungry, and didn't want to stay locked in the room, and... I'm just always mad at you for some reason" You look away, avoiding his gaze.
"I noticed" He says in a tone that makes you doubt if he is being serious or not.
"Well, It's not as if y
:iconathia11:Athia11 29 29
(Sanji x Reader)
"You know." Usopp whispered.
Nami perked up, Usopp was looking at you. She turned her direction to you as you groomed through Sanji's hair. He gave a childish grin.
"You ever think about if (Y/N) is with Sanji?" He asked.
Nami cocked a brow, "What do you mean?"
"Well, you know. Sanji is always so kind hearted to her. You think he has some sort of dominance?"
"Are you talking about in bed?"
"More or less."
Nami sighed, "You know, I bet she has to do all the work."
That night you went into the kitchen wearing nothing but one of his button ups. Sanji sat at the table jotting down recipes. He glanced up to you before back to his book.
"Is everything alright love? That moss head harassing you?"
"Why do you always assume it's Zoro?"
He had a tone. A thick blunt tone. It was demanding, harsh, and stern. You didn't hesitate to approach him he snapped his fingers before pointing to the spot next to him. You purred sitting beside him. His free hand slipped onto your thig
:iconiciclesthecat:iciclesthecat 33 1
Intrigue {Incubus!Sinbad x Reader}
You never knew how he could possibly be with so many people. It seemed as though every time you saw the purple-black haired king, he was flirting with a girl, or charming a young lady, or harassing a woman, or making careful advances on a young man. Though you did not know the king well personally, the number of other maids and servants he made advances on was greater than you even tried to comprehend.
You were thankful he never took note of you. You weren't exactly sure what you'd do with his attention. You were confident in your own rite, but in the face of one of the most powerful men in all history, you were certain you would shatter like glass, or crumble like paper.
There he was again. You caught a glimpse of him in a brightly decorated and tastefully manicured courtyard garden. His long shining hair was tied into loose ponytail, and he was surrounded by numerous beautiful, well dressed women, all gawking at his physique, or praising his words, or cautiously reaching out to his e
:iconessentialessex:EssentialEssex 30 7
Betrayal Yandere!Oikawa Tooru X Reader 4/??
"Ahhh!" You raffled your hair in frustration at how aloof your best friend was at your deepest worries. She was too busy checking her nails to make sure her manicure turned out fabulous than helping you come up with something. Can't she see how important this was for you?
"Helllllp meeee! How should I kiss him?" you whispered, grabbing both her hands to place them in the middle of the desk as you pleaded with your eyes.
You were sitting right in front of her, with the desk being the only barrier separating you two, during your biology class at the far, right corner near the window. The place only the protagonist of an anime would usually be at. The best part of this? The teacher was absent so everyone were free to chat.
"I'm paying attention!" she defended, slipping her hand out of your grip.
No you weren't! But instead of pursuing her, you continued telling her your scenarios of how you thought it was going to go like.
"Should I grab him and turn him around to my hips and attac
:iconsiliyis:Siliyis 31 3
The Child of The Monster: Chapter 2
First Friend but Nothing More
Beginning of March is always chilly. Rubbing her arms, Ayano was walking to Akademi High, thinking back of the call from her father last night. Even though he had given many advices, she just wondered how he knew her every actions on Friday in very details.
“Is there someone reporting to him?” Placing her right hand underneath her chin, she came up with a theory that had no way to confirm. Million possibilities were jumbling up in her head, but Ayano’s attention shifted as soon as she heard a fuss in front of the classroom door. Even though she couldn’t understand what they were talking about, she did notice one boy was nagging the other.
In the classroom, she found Kizano and Aso; and knowing that she had offended the arrogant one, Ayano tried to mind her own business but soon failed due to the oblivious one.
“Good timing, Aishi-chan. Can you help?” Aso greeted.
Even before she opened her mouth, Aso grabbed her wrist an
:iconjin-raye:Jin-Raye 103 16
Cat Thigh Highs (Kuroo x Male!Reader)
    It was in the middle of winter on a Friday night, snow was falling gently onto the blanket of white outside, and you were currently huddled into a ball on your couch shaking tremendously. You pulled the blanket around yourself tighter, trying to trap any warmth into your little hut. You decided that even if you did love winter, you could certainly do without the freezing temperatures that came with it. The weather man on the tv was going on about how the snow was going to be here for a while and to always keep warm, but it was just some background noise to you as your thoughts drifted to a certain raven haired male. Kuroo had texted you an hour earlier saying that he was coming over to "keep you warm".
    Shaking your head at the perverted words from your boyfriend of 6 months, you checked your phone once more and frowned seeing no new messages. "What could he be doing that's taking him so long?", you grumbled. With that, a loud knock echoed in the ho
:iconblondeborn:BlondeBorn 315 14
Mature content
Lazy Morning (Zoro x Reader) :iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 223 73
A!Sousuke Yamazaki X O!Reader [Alpha of my Eye]
“I don't know why you’re still worried, (Name)-chan.”
Gou peered over to you with a soft smile on her lips, seeing the worry in your flushed face that was currently buried in the fabric of your sweatshirt. Currently the two of you were sitting on the apex of a grassy hill near the coast, overlooking the water on a cloudy autumn day; the temperature was warm thanks to the ocean breeze, so you had shed your jacket in favor is keeping your face pressed into it. It was already bad enough that you couldn't hide your worry from your face, but now she made you spill the beans of your current crisis.
“Because what if he wants something else? Like a beta or another alpha?” This subject had been brought up between you and Gou quite regularly as of late. With graduation creeping up, you were too busy worrying about your future outside of school that you hadn't even been aware of the life you had right now.
“Alphas usually don't do well with each other, you shou
:iconshoutingfir380:ShoutingFir380 52 3
.Runescape Fail. by xxMandarinsxx .Runescape Fail. :iconxxmandarinsxx:xxMandarinsxx 11 2
Games (Jealous Kakashi x Reader)
“Aho! Aho!”
The streets buzzed with life as you made your way towards the Hokage’s office. It was one of your days off, but God, you were bored out of your mind. You didn’t care if the Third assigned you to clean the Hokage’s monuments, you at least would had something to do during the day. Just when you were about to step inside the Hokage’s building did you noticed the silver haired man.
“Oh, hey Y/N,”he greeted you. “What are you doing here?”
“Oh, Kakashi senpai,”you smiled at him. “I was just going to talk to the Hokage.”
“Is your day off, isn’t it?”
“Then why are you here?”
“Why are you making so many questions?”
You looked at him with an eyebrow arched. He just tucked his hands in his pockets, and looked at the horizon. “Enjoy your day, Y/N,”he ordered. “Tomorrow, we’ll be leaving in a mission to gather intel. T
:iconmaptlv31:Maptlv31 716 80
Mature content
Unrequited Love? [Madara x Reader] Chapter 2 :iconizuna-namikaze:Izuna-Namikaze 8 9
Mature content
Unrequited Love? [Madara x Reader] Chapter 1 :iconizuna-namikaze:Izuna-Namikaze 6 2


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