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I´m venturing into digital art, go here to see the updated design done in Photoshop:


For the longest time I didn´t know if I would ever try redesigning Lugia. With all the awesome designs out there it was pretty intimidating at first. But now I`ve decided that I want to try my luck with this one. I always feel compelled to credit my inspiration, or inspiring artists. But it would be a long list and maybe you just want to read the juicy gossip about Lugia (or just look at it´s glorious plumage) anyway, here is what is going on with this ancient legendary.

Lugia is one of the most ancient Pokemon that still roams the Earth. Legends say Lugia was created as a single all-powerful being that was the balance of it´s rival: Ho-oh. Those legends hold some truth. Lugia is more or less a living dinosaur. 
Millions of years ago, when the population of the now rare and powerful Mew lived freely, Lugia was the king of all, along with Ho-oh. The population of these majestic creatures was dense, and as recent underwater research has unveiled, they lived in packs of two to as many as twenty individuals, counting their young.
Scientist recently found that the ancient rivalry between Ho-oh and Lugia, was a fact of territorial invasion. As early as a thousand years ago, the population of Lugias was still decent due to their underwater way of living, and their use of submarine caves, Lugias lived in an archipielago of what was later known as the Whirpool Islands. Via fossilised evidence, we now know that Ho-ohs once tried migrating there for birthing purposes, and Lugias being the territorial animals they are, started a violent fight for the land. Eventually the surviving Ho-ohs had to flee, but due to their well developed brains, Ho-oh developed an agressive response to lugias. 

Many years later, after the slow evolution and later dominion of the land of what is known as the bird trio, the first humans appeared and learned to fear Articuno, bearer of blizzards, snow, ice and cold weather; Zapdos, the harbringer of storms, thunder and lightning, and death; and Moltres, ruler of the fire mountains, forest fires, and heatwaves. With fear also came hope, that had the form of the most famous Lugia and the one the original legends speak of:
On a time of chaos many eons before the yearly seasons, three titanic birds roamed the earth causing conflict, destruction and death before them. Human population started to decrease due to these Pokemon, until a brave girl came across a living dragon, and this dragon could speak her own language without making a sound. The words were all inside her head. An the words the dragon said were: "do not fear". With this, the enormous beast flapped its wings and took of to where the three birds were dueling in a fierce battle. To calm them down the white dragon flapped its wings once more and provoked a hurricane, that confused it´s rivals. Then, when they were at a safe distance, the dragon started to sing, this time, every one could hear it. It was a beautiful soothing song. This seemed to apeace the beasts and so they each flew off to different places. The white dragon then submerged to the seas and was never seen again, parting with just one word for it´s new friend: "Hope"

We now know that the white dragon the legends speak of is an exceptional Lugia specimen. 

In present day there have only been documented a couple of these majestic animals. The most notable lives inside a submarine cave near the Whirpool Islands, southwest of Johto (southern Japan). Little was known about this species until recently, when a very bold trainer managed to capture one (pictured), the one living in said cavern. This Lugia seems to be a descendant of the legendary white dragon of the legends. Scientists were able to prove that Lugia in fact, can comunicate with humans via telepathy, and understands our language. It is also able to feel complex emotions and solve complicated problems. It has one of the bigges brains in the Pokemon kingdom. Researches also noted that the plates over their backs resemble very much like the dorsal fins of the late orcas, they possess a flat wide tail near the end that helps them swim faster and they also use it to create whirlwinds and tornados when in land. Lugias are primarily land and sky animals, although they do like to dive deep into the ocean floor and hunt their prey. they use its powerful padded legs to dive as fast as 10 m per second. When in land, they use their arms and legs to move very swiftly. (they are pretty much wyverns), research says a lugia is capable of running to up to 70 km/h. One of their most distinctive features is also one of their most helpful: They grow a pair of osteoderms one on each side of their heads that protects their eyes, which is one of their most developed organs. They also use these and a third one growing from their foreheads all the way to the backs of their heads, to ram against enemies and was probably used in mating battles for females. 
Their strong arms developed the longest fingers in any Pokemon ever, each individual finger has plumage of its own and at the end of every finger is a very long (one feet long) claw. The purpose of these fingers in the wild is not yet very clear, although this particular lugia uses them to climb up steep cliffs and also digging up ground type pokemon, like dugtrios or sandslash. Although researchers think these were used to battle other lugia in a kind of air wrestling with other lugia (very much like eagles battled in mid-air).
Their flying speed is on average a whopping 300 km/h, but even more surprising it´s skydiving speed goes all the way up to nearing mach 1, at one specific event with this individual, it broke the speed of sound, although this did not happen a second or third time, so it could be just this one animal.

Lugias have hollow bones, that allows them a surprising weight of 220 kg, for an animal that´s 5.20 m tall to the shoulder, this is a surprising feat. This particular specimen weighed 234 kg and measured 5.33 m, it´s length was no surprise then, at almost 35 meters. With it´s tail measuring almost 14 of those 35 meters.

In battle lugia seems to be the powerhouse it looks like. It´s signature move, Aeroblast, also called Lugia beam, is a super concentrated fire blast that cuts through even steel. The shooting speed of this attack is one of the fastest recorded (second only to Suicune´s Aurora beam), at 10 m/s

The trainer´s pikachu and lugia have a very dark sense of humor.
Guys I´ve opened an Artstation profile. You can check it out here:…


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