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Adam Hughes say:
Welcome to the very first edition of The Comic Pros Say:!
deviantArt is a community filled with great artists, amateurs, professionals and semi professionals. The purpose of these interviews is to give you a better approach to some of the professional artists on the site and give you inspiration, learn and simply know them better!
In this occasion I have the honor to present you AdamHughes :iconadamhughes:

:iconthiefoworld:  Could you give us a short introduction to yourself? Who is Adam Hughes? As a person and as an artist.
:iconAdamHughes: 'Who is Adam Hughes?' He's an average guy with an unusual job. He's very lucky, but he's played his cards right. As an artist, the jury is still out on whether he's a shining example or a cautionary tale.
:iconthiefoworld:  How was your first experience with the Comic world? What made you decide to follow this career?
:iconthiefoworld:Thiefoworld 57 27
Aliens 3, page 2 by MarkIrwin Aliens 3, page 2 :iconmarkirwin:MarkIrwin 43 13 Darkness Diyafa page by strngbroda Darkness Diyafa page :iconstrngbroda:strngbroda 71 19 Chun Liii by -seed- Chun Liii :icon-seed-:-seed- 1,233 94 DHMSP Volume 3 Cover by camilladerrico DHMSP Volume 3 Cover :iconcamilladerrico:camilladerrico 1,231 69 Love You+Hate You by Fabio-Barboni Love You+Hate You :iconfabio-barboni:Fabio-Barboni 16,931 864 Snake and Storm commission by UnderdogMike Snake and Storm commission :iconunderdogmike:UnderdogMike 96 9 Designated Driver Needed ASAP by Teeslpscreations Designated Driver Needed ASAP :iconteeslpscreations:Teeslpscreations 972 400
This is an old piece I wrote and posted as news over two years ago, but just recently people have been asking what my experiences were with regard to publishing and getting published - so here it is again, with a few new notes added. Please, don't be put off by this - the point here is to try to help you go into the business enlightened and with open eyes. It's NOT easy - as too many outsiders frequently imagine - and neither is it a glamorous rock-star existence. Like all other trades, it's work, and should be treated as such.
Getting into comics is something a lot of people want to know how to do, but there's a lot of questions you want to ask yourself first. There is such a vast array of genre and subgenre, technique, approach, and so on, that it’s important to be clear on where you want to go with your work at the outset – and you have to be REALLY honest and tough with yourself at this stage!
If you’re into the capes and tights and you want to go mainstream you
:iconliamsharp:LiamSharp 83 61
The origins of imaginative art + is it REAL art?
Hopefully there's some interesting stuff here for anybody considering this as a career, or for anybody who wants to be any kind of creator. It's a big old post edited, reworked and expanded from a blog started some years back, but it might even open some eyes to the reality of day to day creative drawing. Some of it may appear quite sweeping - we can only draw from our own experiences and the people we have met and known along the way - so I hope you'll forgive me for that! I'm not sure I completely agree with myself in hind-sight, but I'm along the right tracks!
As an artist I don't know that I've entirely succeeded in what I set out to do (who does?), but I believe I have done what was right for me at any given time - given constraints both time-wise and editorial. That said, I feel the need to stretch my wings now and seek pastures new. But that's another story...
So then - how about it? Is comic art REAL art?
Generally I dislike a lot of what I've done because it's never as good as
:iconliamsharp:LiamSharp 35 21
The blueprint of... Gothic Armour - Full View.
The blueprint of... is an article serie where we’re taking a closer look on an Artisan Crafts deviation and how it's made.
Today we are dissecting Gothic Armour - Full View. by Ageofarmour

First off, please introduce yourself?
My name is William Hurt. I am a (need to do the math)... 30 something... armourer from a small town in the hills above Palm Springs, California.

I started avidly making armour in the early 90's as I wanted to have something to wear when I proposed to my, then, girlfriend. We never ended up marrying but I did find a new love in making armour :)
Please explain what we are viewing.
This is a suit of armour made from 20 to 14 gauge 1018 steel, brass and leather in the German Gothic style of the late 1400s. Articulated and wearable, the armour stands a little
:iconmyana:Myana 44 6
Lori McKnee takes a look at using the meaning of hidden colors in your artwork, and how it can help you improve your images. A great and excellent read filled with info! Though geared towards traditional artists, it is something that everyone can use.
:iconkkart:kkart 134 21
Fan Art: A Guide
Defining what is and what isn't Fan Art and how it applies to you
:heart: This guide to fan art is long overdue, and will hopefully clarify what really is and what really isn't fan art here on deviantART.
It's been a learning curve for me--there isn't one cut and dry answer explaining it, but luckily there are just a FEW cut and dry answers that will hopefully educate all of us.
This guide is intended to be a reference when you've worked long and hard on your amazing artwork and then stop and say, "Hey, is this fan art?" Or if you're browsing the galleries and something in the back of your head says, "Could this be a miscat?"
The Breakdown
When looking at a a piece of artwork, the first question you should ask yourself is, "Is the artwork I did copyright to someone else?" Copyright belongs to the original author/creator of a work. "Copyright applies to any expressible form of an idea or information that is substantive and discrete and fixed i
:iconaunjuli:aunjuli 336 143
Green Goblin Strikes Back by MiaCabrera Green Goblin Strikes Back :iconmiacabrera:MiaCabrera 381 31 Captain Marvel and Miracleman by el-grimlock Captain Marvel and Miracleman :iconel-grimlock:el-grimlock 1,409 102 Joe 1 by seangordonmurphy Joe 1 :iconseangordonmurphy:seangordonmurphy 1,179 171


It hasn’t been easy to regroup my thoughts and rearrange the plans I had already outlined for this year, but it is done, and that certainly settles the peace of mind to move forward.

Those close to me already know about the Curve Ball the Universe threw at me last week. I accepted the challenge of building from scratch with the best positive and proactive attitude I could sum up and here I am sharing with you, what came to be...

My website, is now online and my new Facebook Page @ is also active.

Inside my website you will be able to Buy Pencil, Ink or Colored Sketch, Trading Cards, Books and Posters I’ve done in the past 3 years. The website will keep updated information of everything I’m planning and It will be the Key Port for Commission Requests. YES, November is now open for commissions. Don’t wait to long and make your Request today. I’ll be waiting to rock it.

The New Facebook Page acosorioArt will focus on Commission work. The page will bring more of a gallery environment for those interested in Commission work and planning or interested to request one in the near future.
The dice are rolling guys; with your help and support this might set a platform towards other ventures and exciting goals. I hope you like what I’ve been able to achieve at this time and that you can get on board with me for the fun ride ahead.

Let’s do this! Got coffee?
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  • Playing: with a dream coming true?
  • Eating: Inspiration as a sponge from NYCC


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