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The other day I was thinking "Why is this so complicated?" I mean think about it, the reason I chose my username "Warrior Cats". The reason I learned of DevArt "Warrior Cats". My muse for drawing! "Warrior Cats". It's all so clear now, and so I'll be completely starting over...... not deactivating the account, but using it as it was meant to be used: deleting all my deviations that are lineart based(In which I shall now put any lineart based into scraps since I can always improve my coloring and shading skills without having to worry about the lines. And so I don't crowd my gallery with drawing not officially copyrighted by me) and don't concern my muse. Getting rid of my furry, cause I didn't realize I had one :) and start drawing original "Warrior Cats Fanart" and my own personal "OC Warrior Cats". I've found my way, and there's no turning back :D
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