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Hi everyone!!!!! I'm sooooooooooooooooooo sorry I've been gone for..... a while (*cough* 8 months *cough*). But anyways, I'm coming back :D which after much consideration has been a hard decision for myself to make. Yet, what's brought me back is my love and appreciation for my watchers who stuck with me even through my hiatus stage. So thank you guys so very much! Anywho, this journal is dedicated to updated news, new stuff, retiring stuff, and stuff in general, WOOT SHTUFF!!!!

*Clears throat and pulls out long list of news*, ok let's begin.

This account is now..... (drum roll please) a full out warrior cats fandom dedication (not really a surprise). I'm talking fanart from the books, OC'S, fanfiction, photo manips, etc. Anything you can think of that has to do with the "Warrior Cats" series by Erin Hunter (Plus maybe a few misc. cat drawings which I can tolerate being mixed with my Warrior's art). AND, before you say it, i'm not limiting myself to my slight (problem) obsession with the books. Don't you worry, I am expanding my art range into other styles as well, BUT, before my OCD gets the best of me, I will be creating multiple accounts, each dedicated to a separate muse of my artistic abilities (cause I can't, no matter what, mix my muses or else my head will explode...) So, now that you've got that...

Dear people I watch who might be reading this: With the coming soon, new accounts I develop, some of my watches for you guys will be transferred, meaning I will stop watching you on this account (wait, I can explain) but will rewatch you on the corresponding muse account. Until then though, you will remain as you are, being watched by this account. This ALSO goes for my favorites.

*COMING SOON*Ok, now onto Youtube consideration. I will be starting a Youtube account to go along with this account where I will post my speedpaints/speedsketches for any of those interested. My same, different accounts system, will be active on Youtube as well so the corresponding account will match with it's corresponding DevArt account. (Hope this isn't getting to confusing).

BE PREPARED, for upcoming series and challenges I hope to start to keep my motivation/inspiration up and running. 

I have a nice flow of motivation right now in life so expect plentiful amounts of drawings until further notice.

PLUS: I'm getting into traditional art!!!!! Most just sketches though because doing a full out completed drawing using pencil and paper crosses my motivational limit XD but hey, who knows what special occasions might bring!

Once again I'm reopening requests and art trades for I am confident and have settled on a STYLE, thank the lord!

UUHHH, I think that covers everything I can currently think of.... If not, I will also be starting weekly update journals so everyone can keep up with my ever-changing mind...

Once again, IT IS GREAT TO BE BACK, and I hope to start off the new year (sort of late but who cares) with a new and improved....... ACORNFLARE!!!!!!!!!
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