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Masterpieces of the last 6 months

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 31, 2014, 3:01 AM


here are my absolute favourites from the last half year. I decided to wait a little longer and do a bigger feature this time ;)

Hope you like it!

Nature and Landscapes

  wondrous wahclella by NWunseen  Spellbound by Trichardsen
Moloa'a Rush Hour by aFeinPhoto-com  Trail to Heaven by Pinho  Once Upon A Storm by ColinHSillerud
Duck Duck Jabiru by Questavia  Morning waves by matthieu-parmentier
  The Fjord by Trichardsen
Waltz of the Polar Lights by Trichardsen  High Voltage by aFeinPhoto-com 
My Share of Loneliness by NicolasAlexanderOtto  Angelus Falling by Dee-T  Golden Trees by TomaszPrzybylo
Beauty of the Night by PeterJCoskun    curly club by NWunseen
Mountain Mirror by Dee-T    Radiate by LAlight
<da:thumb id="497748679"/>  Snake River by SvenMueller 


Facing Down Wind by RudiVanDenHeever  Riding Bareback by MorkelErasmus  Balancing Act by melvynyeo
Tickle Me by AimishBoy 

Cities and architecture

Layers 2 by Nightline  Singapore 49th National Day Fireworks by josgoh

Super Mario by apfelgriebs 


The Enchanted Room... by sophos9  Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead by Chrisbakerart  Lord of the Ringo by BenHeine
A1 by ivancoric 

I wish you all a Happy New Year! :community: :party:

Self-promotion of my latest picture:

Winter is back in Bavaria... by acoresjo88


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Second Daily Deviation!

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 17, 2014, 2:55 PM
What an honour for me, I received my second Daily Deviation today for this picture:

Friday evening sunset tour by acoresjo88

Big, big thanks again to :iconcameronkobe: and :iconanoya: !
You guys are awesome! ;)


Features - April, May and June 2014

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 2, 2014, 1:17 PM

Hi guys,

these are the deviations that caught my attention during the last 3 months. Enjoy them and feel free to fave some of them as well :)

Nature and Landscapes

Mountain Pass by rainth34  Some mist and a tree by carlosthe 
Northern lights - Shower by TonyLeBastard  Two cracked worlds | Death Valley by alierturk 
Photo art by carlosthe  Ice Saints Sunrise by TobiasRichter
Guardians and Custodians by DanielBrooksLaurent  Sandbox Under the Stars by PeterJCoskun
Aloe time in Africa by carlosthe  Fall of the gods by matthieu-parmentier
  Winnats Pass by SvenMueller
Rocheuses by Annabelle-Chabert  Tasman Lake by SvenMueller
The Cathedral Coast by AndrewShoemaker  Giant's Causeway by SvenMueller


Natural Born Climber by BogdanBoev  Golden Hart by Nate-Zeman
Reindeer by Behindmyblueeyes
 Trio by tomislavkljucaric

Cities and architecture

Petra by Night under the Stars by paulmp


Platinum Fireworks (Team Philippines) by MicoPicazo0105  Grand Harbour - Grand Finale - 3 by NickyG-Photography
Let's Get Them Malcom by BenHeine

Thanks to the artists for those wonderful works!

Self-promotion of my latest picture:

the beauty after rainstorms by acoresjo88


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Features - January, February and March 2014

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 31, 2014, 12:34 PM

profile | gallery

Hi guys,

again, here are my favourite deviations from the last 3 months. Enjoy those wonderful works!

Nature and Landscapes

Mystic Dawning Reflections by octane2     


    Monument Valley by matthieu-parmentier

Treasure by JanPusdrowski    Lost in Space by erezmarom

Shooting Godafoss by erezmarom  Black Mirror by erezmarom  What The ....! by Trichardsen

  Alpine Ibexes Silhouette by RobertoBertero 

  Untitled by light-recycled  A light in the storm by matthieu-parmentier

Sleepy life by emmanueldautriche  Virulent by Annabelle-Chabert  Spring Reflections by justeline

 Panamint Sunrise by PeterJCoskun  The Road is long by carlosthe 

The golden abyss by matthieu-parmentier

Cities and architecture

Etihad Towers by MatthiasHaltenhof 


.:Acrobatic II:. by RHCheng


Superleggera 6 by notbland 

Self-promotion of my latest pic:

misty morning by acoresjo88


Features - October, November and December 2013

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 7, 2014, 11:34 AM


again my favourite deviations from the last 3 months. Enjoy and thanks to all deviants for sharing this wonderful art with us!

Nature and Landscapes

<da:thumb id="405929956"/>  celestial by NWunseen  The first light by RobinHalioua

Glowing Glacier by SimonePomata  The Beauty Of The End by SvenMueller  My dream house by RobinHalioua

Bohemian Rainforest by TobiasRichter  Claree river stairs by matthieu-parmentier  Early Winter's Magnificence by MaximeCourty

Reinebringen by TobiasRichter  Chamonix valley by TobiasRichter  Fresh Snow by matthieu-parmentier 

Cities and architecture

Moscow lights III by mannromann

People and portraits

Feline by abclic  <da:thumb id="419656463"/>


Superleggera 4 by notbland  matte painting by milkabuser

I wish you a Happy New Year!

My last work:

cold winter morning by acoresjo88


Features - July, August and September 2013

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 6, 2013, 2:36 PM

Here is my favourite stuff from the last 3 months. Enjoy! :)

Nature and Landscapes

Unknown Germany pt. VIII by TheChosenPesssimist    Li river Panorama 2 by doruoprisan  Night at the beach by carlosthe

The Snowy Cloak of Aldeyjarfoss by erezmarom  Not of this earth by Chris-Lamprianidis  

Crimson Crags. Cerro Torre, Patagonia by michaelanderson    Sunrise in Castelluccio by Giovanni-Piccinini

Acacia Silhouette by carlosthe    Aurora Square by torivarn

Unveiled by Nate-Zeman  Discoverer by uberfischer


McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle by Daniel-Wales-Images

People and portraits

wedding photojurnalism in Europe by Sssssergiu  20130610-00072 by chrismday



Cities and architecture

Day of Reckoning by Draken413o    Tower 185 by MatthiasHaltenhof


Invisible by Laura1995


Ben Heine Art - Final - Pencil Vs Camera - 74  by BenHeine  

Self-promotion of my latest picture:

Slettenga by acoresjo88

Thanks for those amazing pictures!


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Lonesome Tree Contest winners

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 28, 2013, 3:12 PM

Hosted by :icontrees-with-character:

:star: :trophy::icontree2plz::iconspotlightplz: First Place :iconspotlightplz::icontree2plz::trophy::star:
Old Landscape

Old Landscape by JacqChristiaan
More from His Gallery:
Blue Autumn by JacqChristiaan TreeII by JacqChristiaan Christmas Tree by JacqChristiaan
Landscape by JacqChristiaan Zuiderplas by JacqChristiaan

:star: :trophy::icontree2plz::iconspotlightplz: Second Place :iconspotlightplz::icontree2plz::trophy::star:

Silence by Erinti
More from Her Gallery:
Grand Canyon II by Erinti Awaking by Erinti Blossom by Erinti
The edge of paradise I by Erinti Winter's Tale by Erinti

:star: :trophy::icontree2plz::iconspotlightplz: Third Place :iconspotlightplz::icontree2plz::trophy::star:
07:13 | Bread and Wine

07:13 | Bread and Wine by OlivierAccart
More from His Gallery:
07:07 | Sun Salutation by OlivierAccart (My heart was closed and then the skies opened) by OlivierAccart Ending of a destiny by OlivierAccart
In the stream I met my dreams by OlivierAccart Aqua Etheral by OlivierAccart




:star: :trophy::icontree2plz::iconspotlightplz: Runner Ups :iconspotlightplz::icontree2plz::trophy::star:

lonely tree panorama
lonely tree panorama by acoresjo88

Last Farewell
Last Farewell by DpressedSoul

dark morning
dark morning by indojo

:star: :trophy::icontree2plz::iconspotlightplz: Honorable Mentions :iconspotlightplz::icontree2plz::trophy::star:

Lonesome together by freMDartHappy Sunset by Natan-EstivalletSolitaire by AstroandrePerfect Lonesome by JadeAndSapphireArts

First Daily Deviation here on dA

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 21, 2013, 1:24 AM

Hi guys,

what a pleasure to receive the first DD here on dA - after 3 1/2 years finally :P 

Thanks to all new watchers and who faved my deviations recently. And of course special thanks for suggesting and featuring my picture to SavageFrog and Anoya !! :)

Myrland beach I by acoresjo88


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Features - April, May and June 2013

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 6, 2013, 9:36 AM

Here are my favourite from the last 3 months. Enjoy! :)

Nature and Landscapes

The Wandering Soul by SvenMueller         

Today's end by Zwoing    Promise by SvenMueller    Grand Falls by tassanee

The Wave by coulombic         Cascade Canyon - Wyoming by wyorev

Men Ruz Lighthouse by matthieu-parmentier    The Ridge by Alex37    Kvalvika by Alex37

Moskenesoya by Alex37    Alani Ua by aFeinPhoto-com    The Division Of Gravity by SvenMueller

    From Dust To The Beyond by SvenMueller

Cities and architecture

Acceleration 1 by Nightline


2013 International Airshow by JacquelineBarkla

People and portraits

Jade__--_ by matmoon

Self-promotion of my latest picture:

Green Nordland by acoresjo88

Thanks for those amazing pictures!


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Back from the Scandinavian paradise

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 20, 2013, 9:33 AM

Hey there,

I´ve just returned from the unbelievably beautiful Lofoten islands in Northern Norway. I was blessed with a lot of great light and not much rain at all. I didn´t sleep very much and was extremely active, climbed 8 mountains on 8 days and nearly saw every part of the islands (Værøy and Røst are missing). 

For those of you who´d like to know the exact route I travelled, here are the stations I´ve been to and some more facts about the trip:

Day 1:

Arrived at Harstad/Narvik Airport, took the rented car and drove onto Austvågøy, close to Vatnfjorden. Climbed the mountain Matmora (788 m) in the night. Drove to Kalle close to Hopen below the massive peak of Vågakallen afterwards and stayed there, trying to sleep a bit (which didn´t work very well).

Day 2:

Went to the Lofoten capital "city" of Svolvær to do some sightseeing and climbed the Tjeldbergtinden (367 m) afterwards, Svolvær´s backyard mountain. Drove westwards after that and climbed the mountain Glomtinden (419 m) in the night. Placed my tent close to the parking spot.

Day 3:

Went to Henningsvær to see that nice town from the inside. Drove to Gimsøy island to stay at a fantastic beach for some time. After that drove to Unstad beach on Vestvågøy island, as well as to Haugland beach some miles away to park the car there. Climbed Himmeltindan mountain (931 m) in the night.

Day 4:

Tried to sleep a bit at a very beautiful and lonely beach close to Myrland on Flakstadøya island. Didn´t work very well of course, since the midnight sun was just too strong to be able to sleep a lot. Did a small coast hike close to Mærvoll. Fantastic rock inside the ocean there, perfect for having a bath when it´s warm enough. After that drove to a youth hostel in Stamsund and had the first night with some hours of real sleep :D

Day 5:

Climbed Skottinden mountain (671 m), a fantastic peak, looks sort of like the Matterhorn of Lofoten. Drove to Nusfjord town afterwards, back onto Flakstadøya island. Went to the wonderful, but pretty crowded and dirty (shame on all the people who leave their garbage here) Kvalvika beach and climbed the mountain Ryten at night. Camped at the beach and slept some hours.

Day 6:

Went to Reine (Moskenesøya), together with Hamnøy the most scenic, beautiful and unbelievable town on the Lofoten. Rested there for some hours and enjoyed the views, afterwards climbed the mountain Reinebringen (448 m) in the night, which is a must-do hike for every Lofoten trip during summer, but pretty demanding. Tried to sleep on the top, but that was a bad idea. Went down the terribly steep path at around 4 am and finally slept a bit on a parking place close to the mountain.

Day 7:

Drove to Å at the end of the main road E10 and looked around a bit. Did the last bigger hike afterwards, went westwards and climbed a pre-peak of Mengelsdalstinden (826 m), 743 m high. Mengelsdalstinden itself was just too far away. And I had to reach Storfjord camping site on the same day, which I managed to do. Slept there the second to last night and caught the only "bigger" rainstorm the next day.

Day 8:

Drove to my favourite beach again, the one close to Myrland, and stayed there until the late evening. Then drove eastwards back into the airport direction again. Stopped at Utakleiv beach and drove some roads I didn´t drive before. Slept one or two hours close to Vatnfjorden (the same place where I stayed the first night) and drove back to Harstad/Narvik Airport. Enjoyed the views out of the plane and fell asleep, although the little kid next to me was very loud all the time :D

Some facts about the trip:

- net 8 days stay

- climbed 8 mountains

- had real rain only once

- drove nearly every road on Lofoten, altogether it was around 800 km on the car´s speedometer

- Took around 800 pictures

It will take some time to process them however. Stay tuned, since I had some epic views mostly from the mountains. The midnight sun is a bit anticlimactic, as Cody Duncan already said on his very helpful Lofoten information page. But it still is a great experience of course and these islands are beautiful all the time. I also did some shorter time lapses, might upload them here as well. It just will take some time for me :)



I will come again for sure!


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Lofoten trip approaching...very fast :D

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 4, 2013, 4:16 PM

Hey there folks,

my holiday/photo trip to the spectacular Lofoten in Norway will start on June 10th and end 9 days later. I´m hoping for really good weather (just as it is there right now) and some spectacular scenes :)
The sun won´t disappear beyond the horizon during that time, so it won´t get dark in the night - a total new experience for me. I´m really looking forward to that trip and already got a map, a guide and some printed tours from different sites on the web.

It´s also a good opportunity to really test my quite new NEX-6, which is a big step forward from my older camera (Lumix FZ-38). Although I noticed only after buying the camera that it has some real drawbacks (bracketing only possible via pressing down the shutter for all three shots), I hope i can cope with them. Shouldn´t be that bad. And just experiencing that great nature itself will be a big pleasure already.

After the trip I will start writing my bachelor thesis in automobile information technology.

See you then with - for sure - tons of pictures,


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Panorama Features #panoramicshot- April

Journal Entry: Wed May 15, 2013, 2:22 PM
Here are the best submissions of the last month, selected by the group´s admins. Enjoy :)

:thumb364845239:   Tuscany by TobiasRichter
:thumb364458443:   Human Footprint by PeterJCoskun


Features - January, February and March 2013

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 6, 2013, 3:14 PM
Again, my regular feature of what I think have been the best deviations I´ve seen during the last 3 months. Enjoy! :)

Nature and Landscapes

:thumb346822280:   A touch of winter by emmanueldautriche   Scotland by carlosthe
:thumb348905841:  :thumb349418458:   You Are Not Alone by torivarn
Royal Rainbow by PeterJCoskun   An Ruadh-mheallan by TobiasRichter  :thumb353587531:
:thumb353726117:  :thumb353864689:  :thumb354044257:
The Amphitheater by carlosthe   Top of Europe by TobiasRichter   Celestial by Trichardsen
:thumb359945905:  :thumb360023546:  :thumb360174070:
:thumb360859716:  :thumb361066717:  :thumb363099230:    

People and portraits

Mature Content

naughty gift. by luanalani

Mature Content

whisper kiss. by luanalani
  231 by lidiasavoderova    

Cities and architecture

Enlightenment 1 by Nightline   Firework at Bosphorus of Istanbul - Turkey by RRESPECTT  


Hope you like them ;)

Self-promotion of my latest picture:

powder paradise by acoresjo88


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Bought myself a NEX-6 DSLM this week...I´m quite curious how good it really is. Should be a great step forward from my FZ38 with the small 1/2.3" sensor at least.
I hope I´ll have the time to shoot some stuff during the next weeks.

My E-Mount lenses so far are:
- Sigma AF 19mm 2.8 EX DN
- Sony AF E 55-210mm 4.5-6.3 OSS
- Sony AF E 16-50mm 3.5-5.6 OSS PZ

Btw, is there anybody else out there with a DSLM/system camera? I´m always looking for them in the Exif data of pictures here, but I didn´t find many so far...

Panorama Features #panoramicshot- February

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 18, 2013, 2:24 PM

Here are the best submissions of the last month, selected by the group´s admins. Enjoy :)

:thumb355205813:  :thumb353864689:
:thumb354582888:  :thumb352441587:


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Panorama Features #panoramicshot- January

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 14, 2013, 1:52 PM

Here are the best submissions of the last month, selected by the group´s admins. Enjoy :)

:thumb347108253:   Passing You By by aFeinPhoto-com
Shuksan Winter Wonderland by jasonwilde  :thumb348954242:
:thumb348630766:   Fairytale by emmanueldautriche
Whistler Silvester Panorama bei Nacht by quintz   ZaBrisky by aFeinPhoto-com
Highland Sunrise by TobiasRichter


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Again, my regular feature of what I think have been the best deviations I´ve seen during the last 3 months. Enjoy! :)

Nature and Landscapes

Craig Cwn Sere and Cribyn by Alex37   Broken Skye by Alex37   ugly beauty by MartinAmm
Worth the Wait by torivarn  :thumb333377266:   Embrace of Fire by RobertoBertero
Silent Immensity by RobertoBertero  :thumb333775466:   Star Trails above Mont Blanc by RobertoBertero
:thumb328387832:   Save the planet by RobinHalioua  :thumb334767771:
:thumb335622778:   Fuorcla Surlej by TobiasRichter   Ortler Daybreak by TobiasRichter
Autumn Splendor by Nichofsky  :thumb336970613:   Ysper Gorge VII by Nightline
Schwabacher's by michael-dalberti  :thumb337687440:   Morning Light by Addran
:thumb338780239:  :thumb339546858:  :thumb339521391:
Aurora Brutality by Trichardsen   Cuddling Cuties by darkSoul4Life   Blue hour Light by alexandre-deschaumes
Magical by imaagination   My Favorite Gnome by erezmarom   No 2 by carlosthe
Mordor.. by M-Atif-Saeed   Metallic Sunset.. by M-Atif-Saeed   Ocean Mountains by BenHeine
Aftermath by Oer-Wout   Movement by Annabelle-Chabert  

People and portraits

Mittagsschlaf by sDodovieh   Flowers in Winter by PlastikStars   tizia by matmoon
Monster by RayneZZ  

Mature Content

Never say never... again... by RobertSleeper

Cities and architecture

:thumb339439273:   In Motion by bee-eye  


Platinum Fireworks 2011 - 01 by HariNgDuga

I wish you a Happy New Year and the best for 2012!

Self-promotion of my latest picture:

winter in the woods... by acoresjo88


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Panorama Features #panoramicshot- November

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 9, 2012, 2:02 AM
Here are the best submissions of the last month, selected by the group´s admins. Enjoy :)

flooding light II by indojo   Port Macquarie by Furiousxr
:thumb339249465:   Wales .02 - Ups and downs by Pharaun333
:thumb336970613:  :thumb339439273:
:thumb340612596:   Bangpu Countryside by palmbook
:thumb339157764:  :thumb337184433:


Panorama Features #panoramicshot- October

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 8, 2012, 2:01 PM
Here are the best submissions of the last month, selected by the group´s admins. Enjoy :)

Midnight Rainbow by CapturingTheNight   Busselton Jetty by Furiousxr