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Inner Demons

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I purposely left the man's face relatively undefined and focused more on the detail in the demons faces on purpose. He is lost and doesn't have a clear picture of what he should look like - he is struggling to find himself while his inner-demons stop him from being able to.

It's sort of my idea of people who have done things in the past they regret but won't let go of.
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Awesome :D , Can I try to recreate it for practice on youtube , I will name you in credits and put link to your page ?
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Yes, I would love to see that!
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This is a great picture! 
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I have admired and can relate to this piece from the first time I saw it. I suffer from a servere case of PTSD from going "down range", so there are so many times that I feel the same way as the man in center does. Would you mind if I took this piece and used it for a tattoo? If you give me your permission I will insure to email a photo of it as soon as it is done.
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I'd really be honored if you did. Please message me privately, if you'd be so kind, so we can exchange some info. I'd love to see a photo of it if you go through with it!
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A real masterpiece of art. 
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oh my god... perfection beautifully done
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love the idea.and i feel the pic as well..nice..
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Great drawing.

I don't regret anything from my past. If I went to the big house I would.
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god cant help you now lol great job
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Let's hope that's not true for anyone ;) Well, assuming God's your thing, lol
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a perfect representation of something we should all face, good job
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wow! I love the idea and the drawing! amazing job! and i love black and white drawings XD
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Brilliant idea!
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Strong and powerful. The idea is simple but it really works. The details of the faces are done very well.
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Thank you very much, I really appreciate solid feedback like that.

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Superb pencil work! you are so talented, this was perfect! I liked how you made the other demon faces stand out more. Brilliant work!
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Thanks a lot! And sorry for the late reply... I'm on a bit of an art expidition right now in Northern Canada and Alaska but hopefully I will have new work to post soon!

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Whoa, this is awesome, good shading on the hands I screw that up sometimes and have to rub it out over and over again :(. Anyway good job man i like the faces and hair :D RELEASE THOSE DEMONS
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Wow!!!This is really cool!!!
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daaamn.. this is awesome.
i can relate.
love the blendage of the face.
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Thanks a lot man! I think a lot of people can relate... I know I certainly can sometimes.
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