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     When he cleared out her room after the dreadful event he made some startling discoveries; for Violet Hearne, for all of her saintly activities in her outward life, was a kleptomanic. She only had the one room, and that room was obsessively tidy. It was not the haunt of a hoarder. It was not the dive of an incorrigible thief. It was just the room of a single woman in her thirties, roughly the same age as the century she had been brought up in; neat, clean, drab, livened only by a couple of prints cut from magazines and carefully framed and a picture of her family that she must have brought all the way from England.
     In her public life Violet had been astonishing. In fact the local priest was already talking about the possibility of sainthood, maybe in a few hundred years, maybe if her legend stood the test of time. Violet had been a good Catholic, English but of fine Irish descent. She had come out here on a steamship in her twenties in a
:iconaconitum-napellus:Aconitum-Napellus 2 0
Arrows over the Orme by Aconitum-Napellus Arrows over the Orme :iconaconitum-napellus:Aconitum-Napellus 6 4
Mature content
Neighbours :iconaconitum-napellus:Aconitum-Napellus 2 4
Twr Mawr, Llanddwyn Island by Aconitum-Napellus Twr Mawr, Llanddwyn Island :iconaconitum-napellus:Aconitum-Napellus 12 0
Star Trek: After Khan
Do you know, Spock, I never thought you’d leave us. I mean, so many times – so many times – I thought you were dead. For a few heart stopping minutes, hours, days sometimes, I thought you were gone, but you always came back. It got me thinking that you couldn’t die. Just couldn’t. That’s silly, isn’t it? All men die. But then – no, I know it. I know what you’d come back with. You’d say in that wonderful, wise, level voice, I am not a man, Captain. I am a Vulcan.
And do Vulcans die? Do they die in the same way as us mere frail human beings? There was the Intrepid. I know that. You felt them, all four hundred of them. But they weren’t you. They weren’t you, Spock, and I – I suppose I endowed you with some superhuman ability, some cosmic power of just staying alive. Every time you gave me those heart stopping moments I still had a thought in the back of my he
:iconaconitum-napellus:Aconitum-Napellus 6 0
Mature content
ST: Drowned Rats (Spock/Chapel version) :iconaconitum-napellus:Aconitum-Napellus 0 0
Mature content
ST: Drowned Rats (K/S version) :iconaconitum-napellus:Aconitum-Napellus 8 2
The Child Catcher's Out Again
I will not step outside again.
Not now. Not now the days are closed
and paths are damp grey rivers leading
to a lesser world. The sky a low lid
over every ant-like step. A press on us.
This time of year the eyes are out.
The watchers watch away.
Their gossip comes in frozen breath,
makes lines of heat, makes mouth-to-mouth,
resuscitating wintered minds.
My hooded head is down, and will be down
until the eyes are turned, mouths sewn closed.
I keep my needles rusty, just like so,
in case the child-catcher’s out again.
Her smile is raw.
(They’re always hers, those crafty types.)
They care you see. They see.
Their eyes are hawks, talons out.
They live on specks.
Swoop. Eyes forward, down,
wherever searchlights like to fall.
They look for dirt, loud gulls they are,
their arms umbrellas, shields,
aching arcs to capture wind. To lift.
Support. To love with stoned-out eyes.
The loud-voiced ones they are,
the social animals. They will expunge
the warped outsider
:iconaconitum-napellus:Aconitum-Napellus 8 6
StarTrek: Chocolate
     Jim had not shaved for days. There was not enough stubble on his face to constitute a beard, but he definitely looked far from his normal, well-presented self. In addition to the stubble, Spock noted, there was a smudge of dirt on his left cheek, one on his forehead, and a thick smear of mud over his left ear. His top was ripped in four – no – in five places, showing glimpses of flesh and of cuts lined with dried blood, and his trousers were so filthy it would be more logical to count the clean places than the dirty.
     ‘I know what you’re thinking, Spock,’ Kirk said as he caught the Vulcan’s gaze. ‘But believe me, you’re no catalogue holo either.’
     Spock ran his hand thoughtfully along his own jaw, feeling the sandpaper resistance of stubble growing from normally smooth skin. His own clothes were at least as ripped and torn as his captain’s, and his
:iconaconitum-napellus:Aconitum-Napellus 9 14
Here Comes The Sun by Aconitum-Napellus Here Comes The Sun :iconaconitum-napellus:Aconitum-Napellus 14 3 We Are So Young by Aconitum-Napellus We Are So Young :iconaconitum-napellus:Aconitum-Napellus 2 0 On The Plain by Aconitum-Napellus On The Plain :iconaconitum-napellus:Aconitum-Napellus 7 0 Ancient Stones by Aconitum-Napellus Ancient Stones :iconaconitum-napellus:Aconitum-Napellus 15 12 An Ancient Sky by Aconitum-Napellus An Ancient Sky :iconaconitum-napellus:Aconitum-Napellus 9 4 On The Edge by Aconitum-Napellus On The Edge :iconaconitum-napellus:Aconitum-Napellus 10 0 A Little Bit of Spring Again by Aconitum-Napellus A Little Bit of Spring Again :iconaconitum-napellus:Aconitum-Napellus 4 2

Random Favourites

Us of Lesser Gods
The USS Enterprise was limping, and limping badly.  The Starfleet ship had just (barely) managed to escape a Klingon ambush.  The hull had breached on 12 levels, countless crewmen were injured or dead, and the engine room was on fire from the short-burst warp maneuver that’d nearly cost them everything.  Crew members were rushing through the halls, med-bay was full and Commander Spock was slap-bang in the middle of it.  
An intimate meeting between his forehead and the console had left him with a trail of green blood running from his mussed black hair, down his thin cheeks and onto his blue shirt, where it’d begun to dry.
“Ensign!” he shouted over the roar of the engine fire.  A girl with long red hair turned to face him, green eyes wide.  She didn’t acknowledge him with a ‘sir’ or an ‘aye’ as she should have, but he let it go, considering the circumstances.   “A
:icongrissom500:grissom500 4 9
Cabin Fever
Introspection was not something Spock participated in on a regular basis.  Not because it was illogical, quite the opposite.  Introspection allowed one to become more in tune with ones self.  It allowed the day’s problems to be assimilated, examined, then tucked away, safely.  But it had always given him problems, ever since he was a child.  It was here, in the quiet of his quarters, that the Enterprise’s first officer often found himself face to face with his humanity.  He often distracted himself with work, or rest.
The room was simple, often kept darker than the rest of the ship, simply because he didn’t require that much light, and the use of it had no basis in logic.  It was scantly decorated.  Black bed clothes, gray, bare walls.  There was no reason to change them.  A few pieces of sculptural art sat on his bookshelf, but were being utilized as bookends.  
:icongrissom500:grissom500 1 6
Logical by Eartheskimo Logical :iconeartheskimo:Eartheskimo 6 10
Extinction ch 3
Chapter Three
Kirk sat back in his seat and stared up at the ceiling in his quarters.  Weighing his options didn't seem to help.  Eventually he simply got up and wandered off into the hallway.  Making his way through the ship he quickly came to his First Officer's quarters.  Kirk swiped his hand across the plate that would announce that he was standing outside.
“Come.”  Spock replied from inside.  
Kirk stepped into the room and glanced around at the odd mixture of Vulcan and African décor.  Spock was sitting at his desk with the fingertips of each hand gently touching one another, a sure sign that he had been deep in thought when Kirk had disturbed him.  Walking over to the desk Kirk sat on it casually, forgetting how much it irritated Spock to have his furniture used in a manner other than it was intended.  
“ did things go on Natala?”
“As well as could be e
:iconphoenix-cry:Phoenix-Cry 11 20
Extinction ch 2
Chapter Two
“Now then, don't you dare go down there, and hook up with some pretty young thing with pointed ears.”
“Hook up?”  Spock repeated confused.  
“Never mind.”  Uhura chuckled.  “Just come back as soon as you can.”
“This should not take long.”
“Good.”  Uhura pushed herself up on her tip-toes and kissed Spock's cheek.  “I know it's silly, but I'm always nervous when you're on Natala.”
“Vulcans do not harm one another, even when we had lives to 'spare'.”
“I know, careful.”
Uhura smiled, knowing that Spock was being completely serious where others would have been sarcastic.  His eyes tracked back and forth the way they always did before he displayed any kind of affection towards her.  Even within the safety of their quarters he had to ensure that no one was watching.  Assure
:iconphoenix-cry:Phoenix-Cry 10 39
Star Trek: Extinction
Set post-Star Trek XI. Spock begins acting increasingly aggressive, and soon the crew begin to fear for their own safety from the Vulcan. When the Vulcan High Council steps in Kirk fears there is more going on than any Vulcan, even Spock, will admit to.
NOTE from the PHOENIX:  Well here we go...the beginning of my first full length Star Trek story.  This is set post Star Trek XI by a few years so that the trio has had a little time to get their relationships closer to how they were in TOS.  Enjoy!
Star Trek: Extinction
Chapter One
“...and so we surrender his body to rejoin the others.”
Spock had paid little attention to the formal ceremony.  He stood by the large glass floor to ceiling window staring out into space.  Just within view was the immense artificial black hole that had taken his world, visible only from the light distortion it caused commonly known as an Einstein ring.  The powerful gravitational field cau
:iconphoenix-cry:Phoenix-Cry 31 33
Mature content
The Definition of Desire Spirk :iconrogueninja:RogueNinja 77 34
Mature content
Definition of Desire Part 2 :iconrogueninja:RogueNinja 40 24
Do Vulcans Blush Green Part I
The Enterprise. For the a few wonderful years she has been my home. I have slept safe in her mighty walls, eaten with my comrades, worked alongside them, fought with them, and almost died with them. I'm used to the vision of her gliding through space, fate at her back like the hand of a child guiding a favorite vessel through perilous waters. Then, six months ago Starfleet grounded us for a refit. We touched down in a starship yard in Iowa, the same where she was built, and watched as a team of workers and cleaners went scuttling through her like bugs. They were indeed the only type of alien invaders she wasn't intended to deal with. The fluorescent lights they used to illuminate the hull at night were blinding white and antiseptic. There were pallets of them on huge swiveling heads, and the white light they cast was sliced by the Enterprise's curved shape into tiny fragmented ribbons.
Kirk and I were watching her. The fall night was chilly, and as we leaned on the iron safety rail tha
:iconmc-romancexcore:MC-RomancexCore 5 13
Do Vulcans Blush Green Part II
We were in Kirk's home, so naturally he picked where to eat. For some reason he picked an old grill on the dusty edge of town, a little neon dive with a full bar that was dark in the corners and uncomfortably hot. He seemed to know everyone. They greeted him with slaps on the back and hard handshakes, treated him like a hero, while the women glanced uncomfortably at me. Their fear was irrational, but predictable. In Kirk's own words, “It's the ears. Don't pay attention to them.”
When the waitress brought us our food on two worn white diner plates he all but dived in headfirst. As always, I was struck by how much he resembled a growing seventeen-year-old boy when not on duty. I wasn't very hungry- I stirred some french fries around on my plate with a fork while Kirk took monstrous, loud bites out of his cheeseburger, which was bigger than his head. I eyed it in distaste.
“Shpock,” he said through a mouthful, and I grimaced.
“May I request that you refrain from s
:iconmc-romancexcore:MC-RomancexCore 6 17
Spock by DostoevskysMouse Spock :icondostoevskysmouse:DostoevskysMouse 34 3 Star trek crew by Zenkairan Star trek crew :iconzenkairan:Zenkairan 2 2 Chekov's Limitations by AngelicalDesign Chekov's Limitations :iconangelicaldesign:AngelicalDesign 112 155 Vulcan Hero by Jamin95 Vulcan Hero :iconjamin95:Jamin95 13 14 Commander Spock by Jamin95 Commander Spock :iconjamin95:Jamin95 14 4 Captain Spock by Jamin95 Captain Spock :iconjamin95:Jamin95 14 21


This portrait is classic Spock as so many Spock fans love to see him. At first glance his face is perfectly composed, but on closer ins...

Another ‘Missing Child Portrait’ from :iconjohnpaulthornton:, painted from the picture on a milk carton – a shocking image in itself on the most mundane of ...


I've never written a journal on the app before and I haven't been around here for ages and I don't have a subscription any more. But I wanted to update to say we had to say goodbye to our dear Frodo on Monday. He was ill with age and getting worse, no longer happy, almost no longer with us. So I cradled him in my arms and we took him to the vet's where a very gentle vet and nurse put him to sleep. It was very sad and there were many tears and I held him until we buried him under a tree we planted very recently in memory of my brother in law, who we lost suddenly last winter. He was wrapped in purple cloth and buried with an egg. As a kind of tribute, Murdock peed in the hole before we laid Frodo to rest. It being his time to go was terribly sad because I've known him since he was two days old, but he went as peacefully as was possible.  
embedded_item1487787824977 by Aconitum-Napellus



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This is me. I am socially inept. I write. I used to read (before children). I can translate Anglo-Saxon. Sometimes I paint. And I take a lot of photos.

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Favourite genre of music: Folk, acoustic, baroque, indie etc etc etc
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Candy-free Wallpaper 2 - Full by Anisa-Mazaki
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