Unasked Questions

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I don't know how to ask you all the things swirling around in my head. All the important questions that mean nothing to the world, but are the world to me. I'm so muddled, and confused, and ill prepared. Why couldn't I have asked you in person? Why is it that I closed up so horribly....was so terribly unable to make the decision to query you? What is it about that proximity of presence that choked my vocals to a squelch?

I don't know. And I do. And yet none of that matters. I just can't quite grasp why I can't -now- ask those questions.You've always been understanding. You've never held a grudge. You've always told me you hold me in the highest regard. Why should I be afraid?

So I'll pose them, when you'll allow me to ask. And if you should feel interested in answering me, then you should know that I would be more than simply grateful. More than just relieved. I would be, once more, forever in your service. As I have been. As I shall always be.
Unasked Questions always linger. Always haunt me. Always make me second guess myself.
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If you have them, ask them