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She gave him a stern look, her amber eyes narrowed in a cold yet slightly uncertain manner.

"Those are some pretty strong accusations you're making, major." Her voice was firm, and cold as her eyes, but there was no malice in her tone. Whether that meant she just figured him a fool, or was actually weighing in that what he said could be true, was a matter yet to be determined. Her cool features gave no indication beyond that she felt the matter was grave, joke or no.

"I realize that, sir" the young man said. He was fiery, his own blue eyes clear with focused intent. He certainly wasn't joking, and it was for that reason that he had asked her to join him out here, in private. The cold winds and blinding snow were deterrent enough for most people. It was as close to ideal a secluded location as you could get, when making accusations that could lead to court martial for treason...

"I know you've got no reason to believe me, but I knew you were the only person who would take this news with any sense of an open mind. You're sequestered away up here in the mountains, along with your staff, so you may not get the news that the mainstream does. But you are all well known for your loyalty to the country. To the people. And I can't trust the other generals with this kind of information." He averted his eyes for a moment, a grimace forming as he ground his teeth, audible even over the hissing wind. "Not when they may well be in on it too..."

The blonde haired woman continued to gaze at the curious officer. He'd only just arrived a few days ago, making his way on foot to the remote post of the Sorthern Rampart despite the harsh conditions of the early spring. That was a relatively impressive feat in itself, but she knew almost nothing else of him, except what his reputation afforded him. And while even she had to admit that was quite impressive, she was not an easily pursuaded woman. The militaristic country past the Rampart was relentless in their stagnant attempts at pressuring the soldiers stationed here. It made for a strong bond between the NR's officers. Yet, it also made for a very distrusting atmosphere of those outside their ranks. Friendship was a luxury oft not affordable. Easy friendships made for easy targets; easy deaths.

"Do you have proof to back up these claims, major?" she asked in the calm and menacing way only a woman of her caliber could. And if her tone wasn't enough to suggest he better have something more, her twitching saber, carried in hand and sheath at all times and not just for decorum, was even more plain in its message."Or should I have you thrown in the stockade right now?"
A thought for a possible story (or maybe roleplay world). Its part fantasy, part modern, with a heavy twist of internal political intrigue (hence the name), based mostly in a militaristic setting.
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