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You scare me sometimes
With your small vagueties
Eluding to things that
Could have a thousand meanings
Marking some obscure point
On parchmented coding
That makes those thousand
Spin endless in my head

I worry, and want to ask
Knowing full well that you
Would ask for help if you
Really want it
Really need it
Knowing full well that
You would tell me
Instead of giving me
Pinpricks in darkness
And shaded half-sentences

I understand it, and wait
Hoping somehow
By simply being here
That I can comfort
Be a strength unfound
Not knowing if that
Is what you need
Or want
For isn't there someone
Else who is your rock?
The one you hold to
Cling to
In a river surging by?

I never know for sure
What to think
What to do
As I can only take
Tentative steps forward
Hoping that each one somehow
Brings me closer to what
Is needed
Is wanted

You are brilliance unimagined
And I adore you
And while I may not always
Know where to go
Know what to do
Know what to say
Know when to say it
I want you to know
That I will always
Be here for you
Always, dear one
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