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Image by AComicFan3344
Image by AComicFan3344

If your reading this, I don't know who you are, but just read this if ur interested.

So I was playing some skywars on mineplex, and this dude says "I'm finna win." I didn't really care, since he wasn't being offensive or anything then he says, "Y'all suck." I couldn't get a pic of him saying he's gonna win, but I got him saying "Yall suck." So I said "Bro, dat not nice." And he didn't respond.
later in the match, I DESTROYED him, he got maybe 6 hearts on me. I said "Bro, YOU suck." And he LEFT. This is just a little bit of the problem. On the Xbox group looking posts, if you don't know, it's basically a place where you can find other people to play with. Most of the time you either get a really toxic kid as a host, or a griefer as a member. And then people sometimes Roleplay in the lobby of servers, which has become less common on featured servers but is still going on local servers. Most of the time these "Roleplays" consist of

-A badass character that won't die no matter what

- A shy kid

- a extremely hyper active kid

-A supernatural being (Werewolf, Vampire, Etc,)

-A pet (By far the most useless character as usually they just try and be important.)

- and finally, a 4 year old kid that has no idea what he's gotten themselves into and goes around being a little crap.

And finally, we have the AFKs. They usually are glitched in games and or taking up space for an actual player. One example, is in sky fall they're are a lot of AFKs that are glitched and on other people's screens, are floating, making them invincible later on in the match.  I just hope I can bring this problem to someone reading this and get someone's thoughts maybe?

p.s. My name is Nick Crompton and my collar stay poppin


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I'm just another person on this site. I'll post memes, minecraft, etc once in a blue moon. I play Xbox a lot. My gamer tag is [Redacted Information]. Add me if you wanna play some MCPE, COD BO3, Or fortnight. And once in a eclipse I'll DRAW. So stay tuned for that, I guess


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