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RageAgainst theMachine-Contest

FINALLY! After a month of Pyro dawdling and procrastinating, the next Acolytes-Base fanart contest has arrived! Rage against the machine! The challenge: draw the acolytes somehow interacting with technology! :headbang: It doesn't have to actually be RAGE; that is just a catchy title :D


1.) Must have the Acolyte Boys! Them being Magneto, Pyro, Gambit, Colossus, Mastermind and/or Sabertooth! More than one would be nice, as this is the Acolytes PLURAL club, but at LEAST one must be included.

2.) KEEP to the theme! There MUST be technology in your art, and there must be Acolytes.

3.) Nothing rated over R! That means no vibrators in compromising positions! Keep the technology mild enough for the innocent :D

4.) You can enter up to TWO times! TWO entries! 2.

5.) Send your entry in a note to :iconacolytes-base:!!

Contest Entry Dates:

May 6, 2008 to July 6, 2008

You have TWO MONTHS. GO! :headbang:

About this promo. :iconvaloofle: drew it and OHMYGOSH it took her forever, and she wants you all to know and appreciate it, as she has never drawn a comic before in her life. FEEL HONORED. :heart: And ENTER!!

:flame: ~Pyro~ :flame:


Contest has been extended an extra month from lack of entries.

New finishing date: 6th August

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Piotr:dose he realize????
Remy:we didn't see anything.......
Litle-Noa's avatar
that's one sick guy 8°
X-Chick303's avatar
pyro is still an idiot.
Volts48's avatar
:rofl: that's funny!
geko-blackjack's avatar
Wow, this is really well drawn and, most importantly, funny! =D
Great work~!

I especially like the facial expressions and the small details (like John's "194113th Lighter" ^_^)
JarOfLooseScrews's avatar
Lmao - okay, so I've just missed one month... maybe I can get an entry in... maybe.
Acolytes-Base's avatar
We'll give an extension if needed for you or any others... other wise I think Val will spontanously combust if we get no entries... Kind of suited I guess *insert irony*
JarOfLooseScrews's avatar
Lol, I will try... try being the operative word.
EddieSketti's avatar
Too funny. :XD: Nice job on the expressions, the coloring, everything. :D lol 'Da memoirs'...
rainrach's avatar
Emmy-Phantom's avatar
That looks so cool! I love Gambit in it too!
twbasketcase's avatar
WOW Val! That's flipping amazing! John's facial expressions were pretty much the greatest things EVER. 8D And his moustache? Excellent. God he is so random and on crack. I love him. Awesome job!
razzie27's avatar
EVERYBODY HAVE FUN TONIGHT!! everybody have fun tonight EVERYBODY WANG-CHUNG TONIGHT!Everybody have fun tonight.... Every body wang-chung tonight!
Valoofle's avatar
LAWL, someone NOTICED. :D
razzie27's avatar
I noticed all the little things, but that was my favourite.
ladylovey's avatar
Pretty good for a first time.. :)
much better than i could do 0.o
Valoofle's avatar
Thanks :D Well, you NEVER KNOW TILL YOU TRY.
ladylovey's avatar
I do try but i comes out Whack D:, SO I'LL TRY HARDER. *is determined*
and your Welcome ..:D
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Valoofle's avatar
Chapter 1: The Chronicles of Da
betterthanlegos's avatar

Chapter Two: Da, We Hardly Knew You
Valoofle's avatar

Chapter Three: Da, A Throwback to the Seventies
Goldylokz's avatar
*ROFL* That was great! Love those guys :)
Valoofle's avatar
Thank you so much :D
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