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Contest - Snow Devils

Thanks to :iconemmy-phantom: we have our new contest: Snow Ange... ahh... Devils *cough*

So kids, nice and simple contest, open to lots of ideas so no excuses for not entering! If it be around Xmas, New Years, Hannukah, snow fights, etc. ANYTHING as long as snow is involved somehow, can even be to do with the title of Snow Angel.... Devils....

The Rules:
1- New art only.
2- Nothing over a R-rating.
3- At least one member of the Acolytes MUST BE INCLUDED. Other non-Acolytes can be included.
4- Maximum of two entries per person.
5- Send a note to the club with a link to your entry, with the name ‘Contest submit’ or something similar. For more information on submitting see our journal on it.
6- Club members only can take part. Want to participate but not a member? Join us, there is plenty of time
7- Keep to the THEME!

To get more of you interested (compared to our last contest) the prizes are:
First prize: Spot lighted in the club, gallery entry for your piece, choice of the topic of the next contest and gift art from one of the owners (your choice)
Second prize: Gallery entry for your piece, gift art from one of the owners (your choice)
Third prize: Gallery entry for your piece.

Contest starts: December 16th
Contest ends: February 16th
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xD this is great!
Linx8489's avatar
He.....did he die nooo!!!!!*freaks out*!!!!!!
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Py, Py needs to get up soon.................................... PLEASE!?
Acolytes-Base's avatar
Don't worry, we were able to thaw him out... after we chiseled him out of there...
Warriorskitty's avatar
Yaysssssssssssssss.(Grins an evil grin, and slowly closes door. Pyro is inside
cheesegal14's avatar
(is next to you, equally grinning with duct tape in hand)
Warriorskitty's avatar
Pyro: HUH! *tries to get away*
cheesegal14's avatar
No Use! *evil laughing,corner huddling,lipstick putting oning*
Warriorskitty's avatar
Pyro: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Remy! Help me!
Remy: Non! Do I look crazy?
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Pyro: Rouge's in here!
Remy:Let me in!
too late! shove Pyro out window.
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:iconlolwhutplz: LOL!!! THIS IS TOO FUNNY!
x3 I adore the facial expression. SO VERY MUCH. :heart:
kitsuK8's avatar
haha that is a cute pic
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Wow... John's insane. :XD:
JarOfLooseScrews's avatar
Lol, I'll try my best. Great picture, made me laugh alot ;)
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fanfiction allowed right?
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