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Contest - Halloween

Yes boys and girls, the clubs first contest. The theme considering the coming month is: Halloween. So start dressing those boys up!

The Rules:
1- New art only.
2- Nothing over a R-rating.
3- At least one member of the Acolytes MUST BE INCLUDED. Other non-Acolytes can be included.
4- Maximum of two entries per person.
5- Send a note to the club with a link to your entry, with the name ‘Contest submit’ or something similar. For more information on submitting see our journal on it.
6- Club members only can take part. Want to participate but not a member? Join us, there is plenty of time
7- Keep to the THEME!

Considering our member count there will only be first place. As our numbers increase so will the prizes.
First prize: Spot lighted in the club for one month plus the choice of the topic of the next contest.

Contest starts: September 24th
Contest ends: October 24th
Contest voting ends: October 30th

So get drawing!
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Venora: "Poor Sabertooth! okay guys, stop pranking him!"

LGa1ntwhoI4m's avatar
Pyro's officially become the trickster...
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Omfg I love it you should start an acolyte group like on devintart
Jasart91's avatar
pyro has always been an idiot
Silverclaw666's avatar
I wonder how Logan would react if they would tell him of this incident..
X-Chick303's avatar
lesson learned: pyro is an idiot.
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John, I'd keep running till I got to China and quite a bit more after that if I was you XD
"Fluffy" :slow: OH GAWGS that's lovely.

THIS IS MADNESS >O Gambit looks pretty slick here ;D
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Is Remy dressed as Vampire Hunter D, there? I woulda though he'd dress up as Dante from Devil May Cry, but this is good for him, too!
Po' John... never can stay out of trouble for too long, no? :lmao:
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Awesome art man :XD: John is such a bugger :love:
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