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Hye, 2016! Didn't see you coming!
You better be good. For I have great plans for you.
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From now up to 15. November I offer Commishes for "Level 1" prices - you can even get one for 1/2 price if your idea hits the right spot!

For getting an idea about what I draw, feel free to browse my GALLERY.

Mainly CAN DO:
    Humanoid Original Characters.
    Photo Referenced Portraits.
    Character/Outfit/Weapon/Gear Design.
    NEW: Logo design (note me for details and pricing)

Generally WON'T DO:
    Famous People/Published Movie or Series Characters.
    Ponies/Published Memes/Stupid Web-Referenced stuff.
    BDSM/Weird Fetishes.
    andor other things banned by dA publishing rules.

Generally I don't have any other restraints or boundaries and will tackle with nearly anything you can come up with.
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    I gladly annouce that:
    :icontradesopen: :iconcollabsopen: :iconcommissionsopen: :iconpointcommissionsopen:

    For getting an idea about what I draw, feel free to browse my GALLERY.

    Mainly CAN DO: 

    Humanoid Original Characters. Photo Referenced Portraits. Character/Outfit/Weapon/Gear Design.

    Generally WON'T DO:

    Famous People/Published Movie or Series Characters. Ponies/Published Memes/Stupid Web-Referenced stuff. BDSM/Weird Fetishes andor other things banned by dA publishing rules.

    Generally I don't have any other restraints or boundaries and will tackle with nearly anything you can come up with.

    Exceptionally good ideas I reward with lower prices.
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I might as well talk to walls of my room.

Today I completely reworked the graphics of, site for one of my card games. the last thing I need to do is to draw (and color) yet undefined number of amazingly epic images that will make the promotional video for the same game.

They are in my head. Alive. And I am searching for their path out. Over dead bodies of my own brain cells, I suppose.

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My current booster - card game Faral Arena, which needs new illustrations. That's over 100 pics, and I completed 9th today. Anyway, it's a challenge that can keep me focused and bursts with options.

The older version of the pics were done in 2005-6, really outdated pieces, so I decided to revisit them one by one, edit the poses, composition, colours, shading - everything on my current level. You can look at this as a 112-part serie of a "Draw this again" meme, as I attach the old version to most of the pictures.

I also had to increase the cards' resolution, since the icons were rough designed at 32x32, which sometimes showed up as visible pixels. The pics themselves raised to hugeous ~5600x4200 at original, since I scan them under 600dpi. (heck I might switch to 300...) Compared to the 16-pack on a A4, scanned 200dpi, which gives ~490x380.

I dunno... new, vector based icons, and card numbers with Dark/Light deck indicator. Yes I separated the 112 card deck to a Dark deck and a Light one, putting two different game styles into duel. It seems quite interesting in the playtests so far... we'll see at the GameExpo this weekend.

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There is something I am working on, and i am pretty excited about it. Yes, it is another card game, but this time, I'm putting all my skills to make it's look and feel professional. The game is in theory and concept phase, but this week first tests will show what it may bring.

Shortly, it is a fantasy , creature-control based strategic card game, where players survive as mere spirits, possessing the bodies of extraordinary and bizzare creatures, called Critters. Those originate from different worlds, which brings upon the player decision of which cards to play.

The game enviroment is ever-changing large arena consisting of 13 (rarely more) unique locations, which are revealed troughout the game. Creatures travel across the enviroment by their own ways, whether they have feet, wings or some weird transporting abilities. Each player gains possession of one Critter, borrowing its way of movement, fighting abilities and other properties. Once a Critter is killed, the player within is released to his spiritual form and has to find another shell to continue the struggle. However, each player have a limited count of reincarnations possible, making it vital to choose the right Critter to possess next.

Details of the game are under development, along with the game design, which will appear here on dA as soon as it reaches its final form.

Cheers. :)
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Last month all my art is dedicated to the cards...

The most recent one, SketchII Chaosalypse reaches final testing!! :)
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hey, I am creating widely again!
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your duties stack up and you fight them, escaping the catastrophy by inches. then there is this amazing spring weather, slowly growing into hot summer blaze. you develop yet another view of the world and ideas pop out at random.

still squeezing the time you got, you want to form these into the creations, while you struggle and warp the rules to stay on track with your study schedule. it is unbelievable you keep enough hours for sleeping.

you feel the free days so close you think you already live them. you want to create everything in the world peeking out of your imagination. you gather energy from everything.

yeah. I will make those things. just you wait I little more.
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it's like I weak up in the middle of a wild thunderstorm, yawn and go back to sleep.

I do what I care the most, managing to also fulfill other duties. so far, it seems like I AM AWAKE.

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I think I will stop playing this Minecraft monstrosity for a while again. Those who know will understand me after I explain the thing.

It was like, I got nothing serious to do, so I could run Minecraft, move on a bit and gather something... and it went great. After not much over 4 hours, I was about to leave a huge cave with this in my isometric bag:

192x Iron Ore, 48x Gold Ore, 98x Redstone Dust, 18x Obsidian, 52x Lapis Lazuli, 6x Diamond.

Suddenly, it went all with me in a freakin lava lake. Game over, dude. Just like that.
Well, *sigh* at least this game learns you something about thinking forward.

Say, could you think about a worse time waste?
I'm telling you ... not.
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a full-filled weekend.
I practice n improve, have fun, go out, meet interesting people.

this month I designed a new card/board game, horror/survival/slightly cooperative one, named Cuobe. check the "screenshot" at my Gallery

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yes, I♥m again on my way to show something cool.

with this awesome summer almost behind me I decided to bring some fresh blood into my creation and paint the hell out of it!

yes, you better look forward for it. this is gonna be something.

I mean it.
I said it.
I can.
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today I have so much bullshit to do that I just won't do it. instead, I decided to paint some crappy random pic and start doin something crreative... so some ABLife news are on way and also the new Gemino finally got some reasonable gameplay...

and yeah, I am selling my games now.

off you go.

before it eats you.
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yeah, I feel great!

despite the school is quite tough these weeks, I manage my time to do what I want -- meaning:

I've completed the ContRoller game, with all 60 cards and the gameboard - Yip!
I've made some changes in the RAW card game, cause some cards were really horrible (by their game abilities, not pictures :D)
I've started the brand new version of the Gemino game concept, which had 2 older versions last year but never felt so fun, so now it the time for real party!

GEMINO3 combines some features of last 2 versions, like really famous GemCatching (throw 5 objects in the air and try to catch as many as you can), rolling 2 dice, building path of cards, colorless figures - that you don't really care which is whose !
and also added the Party element, cause some cards make you do funny things - yeah, you can, put you feet on the table, shake hands with every body or say "Fail" uncomfortably many times... it's the Planet Fun, babies...and it's waiting for you.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to make do with new pictures for the ABLife game, finding the best technique, so I can avoid unnecessary editing work afterwards.

good luck, guys...cya
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it's been so fun doing CR cards but now I was looking for some next level fun. by the time my bro's 14th came around, so I happened to take some uncommon family shots (common for you, uncommon for my family) and since it is new semester coming, I will resume my comix creation, mainly

The Hellguy III, which was frozen since christmas...

and who knows? new ideas pop up everywhere.
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hey there...
I came through some intersting days, like exploring a ruined factory, trying to outrun a roller skater and some adorable crazy stuff like that...

along I made another 10 pic today, reaching 64 pieces, so that MAIN DECK of ContRoller1:REBOOT is finally illustrated.

plus I met a nice girl while playing cards at pub :)
so after browsing some shitty sketched here on DA (meaning some creations were really cool, but some were complete trash) Imma go back to CR cards.
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oh wow, I really stuck in these pics for my card game ContRoller, coming out in March, excluusively on GameExpo2011...whatever, I finally start to seize control of watercolors and I have amazing fun improving.

today was really successfull, for 11 new pics are finished and I have just a few more left to do, while I test the game system and it also seem to be working

you asking what is ContRoller game about?? thats mature content, boys and girls... :) yep

CR is a teenage point-based pursuit stuffed witj pretty girls and so on... the story goes are a bunch of guys who meet a wonderful android girl (missing some behaviour files of course), being pulled into a RACE FOR THE BEST PARTY EXPERIENCE ...who switches on the best tricks, gets the girl - easy as that.

so if you're reading till here, you're maybe interested...CR will be sold starting March ;)

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Last weekend was a full-time party, so I got not much time to do anything useful. In meantime, I passed the last exam and finally the mid day break is here... I was so filled up with creativeness, but to focus it on something real, it was hard.

Need courage to do all the thigns!!

I began to "reanimate" my last card game pictures - outta pencil sketches into coloured ones. that I failed, so I took some pics from ContRoller, which are way more simple and started remaking those.


So this will be my job for this week, along with practicing some portraits and finalizing the RAW card game, so it will be ready for AnimeShow/GameExpo2011 in March!!
woo im so excited about that.

thx for your support guys, cya