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Artist // Professional // Digital Art
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My Bio

Katie/INFJ/Autistic Artist

Just a young illustrator who in a deep dark place trying to survive a plague. I'm a really really shy person in real life so don't be afraid to talk to me. I don't bite. I plomise. But please understand that I don't respond right away usually. I have pretty bad anxiety.

I love having a deviantART account! DeviantART is a dirty little place filled with dirty little people, but I love it anyway.

My Best Friends (I love you guys!)

My inspirations:

Fucking awesome stamp makers. I don't watch a lot of stamp makers, but when I do, they're fucking awesome

Art Status:

Trades: Only if I ask you.

Collabs: Only if I ask you.

Requests: NEVER! So don't ask.

Point Commissions: Dunno yet.

Paypal Commissions: Oh yes. Though if by some miracle someone wants to commission me professionally, just note me and ask for my email address and we can talk there.

Also PLEASE don't thank me for shit. Just send a llama or something in return.

Software: Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop CC with a Cintiq 13hd.

Likes: Pokemon, Monty Python, 30s cartoons, Pomeranians, Greek Mythology, unicorns, and sex and violence.

Dislikes: Being stabbed, drying off with a wet towel, explaining things on tests, Donald Trump

Current Residence: I'm on a motherfucking camel in the motherfucking desert

Favorite genre of music: Electro Swing

Favorite style of art: Needlefelting, digital paintings

Wallpaper of choice: This Paranoia Agent one I found

Skin of choice: Tattooed

Favorite animal: Bats

Favorite cartoon character: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Rarity, and Bender

Personal Quote: If you weren't already dead to me, I'd kill you myself.

Which My Little Pony Are You?

Hosted By Anime

Created by Oatmeal

What Disney Villain Are You?

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What Animal Are You?

Hosted By Anime

That's all, fuckers!

Favourite Visual Artist
Camilla D’errico, Glen Keane, Ralph Bakshi, Don Bluth, Lauren Faust, Barbara Canepa, Genndy Tartakovsky
Favourite Movies
Spirited Away, Monty Python's Life of Brian, early Tim Burton movies, most Disney Movies
Favourite TV Shows
American Horror Story, Regular Show, Adventure Time, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, anything on Animal Planet, Futurama, American Dad, and South Park
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Enya, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Queen, Caravan Palace, Justice, Goldfish
Favourite Books
Flowers in the Attic, Lord of the Flies, The Awakening, The Dark Tower
Favourite Games
Epic Mickey, Pokemon, the Stick of Truth, Nancy Drew, Amnesia, Animal Crossing
Favourite Gaming Platform
The glorious PC master race
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, Paint, My Tablet, Photoshop, My Ipad, Procreate, Clay, Origami, Yarn, A Blank Pony, and tons of patience.
So I’m selling commissions in this style For ONLY $25!!!!!!!! And that includes mailing the finished piece to you. Comment here if you are interested and we’ll exchange PayPal information. If you can’t buy one at least spread the word that I’m doing this. I hate NFTs so please don’t turn my commission into one. And no fetish stuff. Not shaming obviously but it’s because I’ve seen that turn into the only thing artists are commissioned to draw and tbh that would make me miserable. Please and thank you and happy holidays.
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    1.       Clydesdale Horse 2. Swan 3. Dolphin 4. Domestic Cat 5. Alligator 6. Buzzard or Vulture 7. Howler Monkey 8. Flamingo DONE: 9. Pelican 10. Snow Leopard 11. Elk 12. Thylacine DONE: 13. Unicorn 14. Wolverine 15. Mongoose 16. Wallaby 17. Porcupine 18. Lion 19. Otter 20. Anaconda 21. Toad    22.   Tree Frog DONE:      23.   Salamander      24.   Newt    25.   Chinchilla    26.   Jaguar    27.   Water Buffalo    28.   Macaw DONE:    29.   Camel    30.   Black Bear    31.   Stork    32.   Dove      33.   Kiwi (the bird, not the fruit) DONE:   I did both.    34.   Eurasian Nuthatch    35.   B
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Creativity is dead. Anyone wanna work on my cartoon?
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Hello, can you plz check your correspondence inbox? I’m trying to submit your stuff to my group (

Happy Birthday 🥳

Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful one. <3

Thanks for the Llama!! Fox emoji - hearts

Hello! :wave: @ProjectComment has been an active group for 11+ years to help support artists like you, so welcome to our group! Feel free to get stuck in with:

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