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Ackerley's dappling brushes

For horsies ^^

It's one for the spots and one for the outline :)
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Thank you for making these available! :la:

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Wish it was for Gimp, It's looks perfect ;)
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Used here: The Sea Lion, Azimeer by ManifestedSoul   Thank you!! :heart:
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Thanks for the wonderfully amazing dapple brush!
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This brush pack is a Godsend gift. Thank you so much for saving my life!
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How do you get these brushes
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used here, thank you
ARTAUCTION Traaker Import 259 by elismye
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Can these be used with gimp? If so, can you possibly explain how to import them?
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Do these work with Paint Tool Sai or only Photoshop?
That's probably a stupid question, apologies!
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This is for photoshop, you can't import brushes to Sai as far as I know... :)
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Okay, so... I knew they'd be cool based on your art and the preview.

But when I clicked for the first time and saw the effect of the brush, my jaw suddenly clattered onto my keyboard and I had to pick it up and stick it back on.

These are seriously epic. Thank you. You've just made my life easier, haha.
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I'm glad you like them! They surprised me as much as they did you XD
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Hi! I used your brushes here:
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Omigosh, these brushes are indeed magical! <3
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Does the one in the top-left trigger anyone else's trypophobia, or is it just me?  D:
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It does for me xc
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Maybe this will make you feel better (it's not a horrible picture, I promise)…
As you can see horse dapples aren't hole-looking but instead just a pattern in the fur. Usually it's lighter, and I did it up there in black to clearly show the brush.

Sorry if I inconvenienced you. Have a nice day :)
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