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Changeling Vectore No. 3

If anypony needs the PSD file here is the [link]

:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: and please leave a link here to your work
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may i make this into a base?
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I used it on Tumblr, gave you credit.
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I'm crediting you my EHL Team, Seattle Changeling Thunder, in the works
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Used in my episode review, hope that's ok.…
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Used here…

Many thanks,

~James Skyfire
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Field Reporter pony: "Tell me, lieutenant; what do you think of the Changelings whom you were ordered to kill?"

[Lying flat on the ground, the sniper took aim on his scoped rifle, and fired. There was a thunderous crack of gunshot, and reporter watched in awe through her binoculars as the bullet rips through the neck of the first Changeling with enough force to decapitate him]

Royal Guard sniper:  "Targets."

Field Reporter pony: "What? You mean... you don't think about the Changelings as... enemies? Or Changelings at all?" 

[The sniper took aim, and fired again. A gaping hole exploded out of the second Changeling's chest, spraying green blood and lung tissue down to the ground below. The second Changeling gasped desperately for breathe from his non-existant lungs, then plunged lifelessly to earth]

Royal Guard sniper: "No. I don't."

Field Reporter pony: "Then... then what do you feel? What do you feel when you had the Changelings in your sight and... and squeeze the trigger?"

[The sniper spared the reporter a look; a cold, emotionless glance. Then, he turned his attention back to the rifle, and fired a third time. The last Changeling, already cowering from the deaths of his comrades, never seen the shot coming as his head exploded into a visceral of brains and compound eyes]

Royal Guard sniper: "Recoil."
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Thanks! I'm drawing this pose in my journal! :D
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Angry Changeling demands belly rubs!
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i will give him one first!
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But I insist I go first!
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as long as the changeling is happy, im happy
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