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Changeling Vectore No. 1

By Ackdari
My first Vector of an Changeling, hope you like it

If anypony needs the PSD file here is the [link]

:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: and please leave a link here to your work
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© 2012 - 2021 Ackdari
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may i make this into a base?
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alright! thanks! ^.^
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Changeling: [Assumes threatening pose]

Pony: [Raise eyebrow. Suddenly pounce and drop-kicks the Changeling in the face]
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Another Changeling: *facehoof* "That happens every time he gets into a fight...sorry about that guy, he's an idiot."
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Changeling: "I'm not an idiot! That pony - !!"

[Pony bucks him in the chest before he could finished, followed by a twirl punch to the face, hoof-strikes to the legs that sent him buckling to the floor]

[The fighting raged on, as both pony and changeling traded blows with each other, the battle escalating with ever increasing ferocity to the point the whole room is trashed. It continues until the Changeling can no longer stand back up with all the bruises]

[The pony, none the worse for wear, unceremoniously picks up the Changeling by the jaw, and with a mighty swing, throws the Changeling straight out of the window and into a street trash compartment below]
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Changeling 2: [munching on popcorn] "Heh, nice going. Maybe that beat-down will knock some sense into him---or a compound elevated skull fracture, whichever comes first. Do you want to go after him again, or should I just carry that lug-head home?"
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[Out of nowhere, the pony pulled out an aluminium baseball bat, with nails glued to its surface...

... and then looked sideways to glare at the second Changeling]

Changeling 2: :fear: "Emm... why are you looking at me like that?"
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Changeling 2: "But...but our kids play baseball together! That--that's the bat *I* gave your colt for his birthday, for crying out loud! It wasn't even MY idea to come here, I just had to make sure that idiot didn't get himself killed!"
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[The pony looked at him with narrow eyes for a moment... before trotting pass him, with the bat in mouth, and made for downstairs]

Changeling 2: "Oh thank goodness. I thought for a moment you were planning to kill me..."

[Five minutes later came the wretched cries of pain and screams for help from the other Changeling, along with the sound of crunching carapace, which could only be the result of a merciless beating with a baseball bat by a pony who holds a SERIOUS grudge against said Changeling]

Changeling 2: "Oh shit, I've got to save him!"
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[The second Changeling darted outside to find, to his horror, the vengeful pony beating the first Changeling with the spiked bat. Savagely. A crowd of neighbors has already gathered, all staring in horror at the gruesome scene]

Crowd: "Stop! It's trying to give up!" "It can't fight back, for Celestia's sake...!" "Somepony grab him, NOW!" "Are you nuts?! He'll come after us if--"

???: "ENOUGH!!"

[The bat-weilding pony stops mid-strike, looking briefly surprised at the new voice. Sparing one last hate-filled glare at the bloodied, horribly beaten Changeling at his hooves--who is now pitifully trying to crawl away--he, and the horrified crowd, look towards the find the second Changeling, glaring daggers at the silent pony.]

Changeling 2: "Stop. Can't you see that idiot can't fight anymore?! He can't even stand up, you blasted sadist!"

[Snarling, he stomps into the street, wings buzzing in fury]

Changeling 2: "He's. Had. Enough, got it?! If you're so keen on killing Changelings, how about saving it for ones who aren't already more blood than chitin?!"

[In the background, a few of the braver neighbors grab the Changeling's battered comrade, and carry him off to safety]

Changeling 2: "Seems they don't quite hold the same grudge you do, murderer. I'm gonna make you eat that bat, and the next time our kids play baseball, they're gonna use YOUR BUCKING HEAD!!"

***ROUND 1! FIGHT!!***
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Great job on the vector! <3 *gives the changeling lots of love <3
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can i use this pose maybe??
Ackdari's avatar

may I ask for what
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whel i am drawing a thingie about a war, its done, will upload it tomorrow
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can you send me a link
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wel afcourse, it only now work in progras picture i took but i will scan it tomorrow, upload the WIP picture right a way!
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