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Movie Shockwave concept colors

And here's the colored version for the didn't work so well, so I went with a dark turqoise/blue color scheme since I saw a bomber with that similar color when I was searching google images...anyways, hope you all enjoy! Again, any feedback is most welcome.

PS Please full view. Thanks!

**gotta get back to doing another 1000 online multiple choice qs...*

Update: Rough TF scheme for those of you wondering how he transformed from one mode to the other.
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Impressive work. A pity Michael Bay EPIC FAILed to make Shockwave an interesting- or even intimidating- character in 'Dark of the Moon'.
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Thank you. I thought the Dark of the Moon design was imposing, but yeah, I agree, it was devoid of any character. 
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Please tell me you are gonna make more!
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We'll see. Once my schedule opens up or another interesting contest.
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Thanks sooo much! I love the design of these 'Bayformers'
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I really love the concept you've managed to pull here for Shockwave. Having him be a B-2 Stealth Bomber is a pretty good earth alt mode for him to have, only thing is the robot mode looks a little too wide and the more I look at it this really should have been Lugnut. Still the amount of detail put into this is incredible and very well cared for.

Really beautiful work as always mate. Keep it up.
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Thanks very much, TheSkullgrin140. I admit I took liberties with how much mass can fit in a B-2 Stealth bomber, but was doing my best to emulate the movieverse, while having some fun. Nice suggestion, possibly, future remold and repaint with a fture movie, Lugnut.;)
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A B-12 stealth bomber transformer..... that's an overkill of epicness! Love those sinister colors!
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Thanks! Yeah, did my best to stay true to the movieverse, while maintaining elements of the original character.
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Thanks. And for the watch!
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Still looks freaking amazing!
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Thanks for the kind compliments Rob! Hope it still lasts the sands of time.:)
How are you? Hope all is well. 
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Yes all is well. Yourself?
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Cool. I'm good. Surprised how time flies! I should have a new art piece coming in next few months...:D
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Same here. I've been using a cintiq and my quality in my art exploded with it.
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if only! i want to see this happen, i don't care if it breaks every continuity rule for the movies, shockwave must rise again
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Well, there's always the "reboot"
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this is Amazing!
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thanks, glad you like it.
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If only this version had been in the movie, maybe he would have actually gotten to kill something. *Sighs*.
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