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Terms of Service

Cash: Both bank transfer (only if your currency is €) and Paypal are accepted.
Points: Use the commission widget that I will set up for you. Do not pay via the "Give" option if I don't tell you otherwise.

1 USD = 0,8563 EUR = 100 :points:

I draw most animals, fantasy creatures, gore
I do not draw characters with too complicated or sparkly designs, machines, humans, anthros

1. Note me to order a commission. Tell me what type of commission you want and which character you want to be drawn.
2. You will get a rough sketch.
3. If unsatisfied, you can ask for another sketch or tell me what to change.
    If satisfied, I will send you my Paypal address / set up the commission widget so you can pay.
4. When the payment arrived, I will finish your commission. 

- If your character's design is very complex or has wings, it may cost up to 5 $ extra. -
- Major changes can only be made in the sketch phase. -
- If I take more than 4 weeks to finish your commission, I will note and update you. -
- If you want your commission done in a certain timespan, please tell me beforehand. -
- You can use and reupload the artwork you commissioned as long as you credit me. -
- If you use an other currency than US$ or €, please tell me so I can convert the price for you. -

Price list

Headshot sketch

Empowered by AcidNeku

8 € I I 9 $

+ shading: 12 € I I 14 $

Fullbody sketch
15 € || 18 $

Prowling by AcidNeku [Com.] Ascension by AcidNeku[Com.] I made dis :D by AcidNeku

+ shading: 23 € I I 27 $
[Com.] Mischief by AcidNeku [Com.] FINISH HIM by AcidNeku

without shading: 11€ || 13 $

Headshotexample by AcidNeku

with shading: 15 € || 18 $

 Down with the Sickness by AcidNeku Headshot Example by AcidNeku[Com.] 'sup? by AcidNeku

Painted + simple background: 25€ || 29$ 
(Experimental! The two examples below are the only paintings I have done so far, so I haven't had a lot of practice yet. Simple characters preferred.)
Eyes of the Night by AcidNeku  [Com.] Serenity by AcidNeku

without shading: 20 € || 23 $

[AT] Wheeeee! by AcidNeku [AT] What is it? by AcidNekuFullbodyexample by AcidNeku[Com.] Karma's Gonna Get You by AcidNeku

with detailed soft shading: 28 € || 33 $

  [Com.] Need A Light? by AcidNeku On Top of the World by AcidNeku  [Com.] Dark Night by AcidNeku


simple: 5 € || 6 $

Scourge / Comic Preview / I'm not dead by AcidNeku  Eyes of the Night by AcidNeku  [Com.] Serenity by AcidNeku  [Com.] Dark Night by AcidNeku

medium: 15 € || 18 $

Blizzard by AcidNeku [AT] Emerald Flames by AcidNeku On Top of the World by AcidNeku [Com.] Melancholy by AcidNeku

complex: 25 € || 29 $

Moonwell by AcidNeku

Reference sheet
35 € || 41 $
Includes one fullbody and one headshot in sideview (+ mirrored versions), close ups of accessoires, scars etc. More character drawings cost extra.

 Vyse 2014 by AcidNeku Slice 2015 by AcidNeku Neku 2017 by AcidNeku [Com.] Makarios Ref-Sheet by AcidNeku

3 € || 4 $

PC: Victor Icon by AcidNeku Icon PC: Vulcan by AcidNeku [PC] CosmicFoxKitty by AcidNeku Nekuseye by AcidNeku  [Com.] Ragnaroek Eyecon by AcidNeku

If you have a question or a special wish, feel free to ask me. C:
© 2016 - 2021 AcidNeku
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pr3gowhales's avatar
I was wondering if you are able to create a feral version of an anthro? So not drawing the anthro but a feral with only an anthro as a ref
EarlNoir's avatar
soooo jetzt hab ich genug points und da ich das dA event verpasst hab kann ich die hier ausgeben xD

wie viel würde ein fullbody sketch mit shading in points machen? 1,600?
AcidNeku's avatar

1700 wärens
aber für dich 1600 ;D
EarlNoir's avatar
ah ok xD wann soll ich se rüberhauen?
AcidNeku's avatar
wenn ich dir den sketch gezeigt hab und er für dich passt, hau ich n commission widget auf meine page. daaann kannst du zahlen
gib misch den char den du haben willst
(kann aber erst ab di. anfangen)
EarlNoir's avatar
sir Basil kitsumera Ref by Erleuchtete ist der Character in Ordnung?
AcidNeku's avatar
jo geht klar :D
EarlNoir's avatar
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