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Aaand here's the next Zerg fan art!
It's basically just a study to see how the Zergling anatomy actually works, but I did want to slap some shading and effects onto it anyway. Had lots of fun with it. nwn

As for the speedpaint: I recorded everything but the last 2 hours where I mainly worked on the contrast. I didn't record because I didn't think I'd make so many more edits.
Let me show you though how much of a difference good contrast makes:
This is the contrast that my artwork had when I stopped recording and initially thought I'd be pretty much finished. It's basically just a grey mass. = BAD contrast
This is what it looks like now. It's certainly still not perfect but definitely a lot better than before. Now there are areas that actually stand out. 
So don't be afraid to use some stronger shading!
(Funfact: While writing this, I noticed that it still lacked contrast on some parts, so the artwork you see here is again different from the one you see at the end of the video lol)

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Hello, Neku. You gave me Llama - but you write that you do not need to thank for it. Well, I will not - just decided to visit your world. Firstly I want to ask: what exactly interested you in my creation? Secondly, you seem like a interesting person. How do you think - is it right that Naruto's serial ended in a happy end? In my opinion it turned out not very realistic - but naive and kind. If I created Naruto, Sasuke would never return "to the family" =) But that's me. Naruto's author looks like an optimist. Thirdly, you write that you like the film about Hannibal. Is this Hannibal Lecter or Hannibal Barca? if you don't mind - I will periodically  visit to you (on your page).  Long time ago I was fond of Starcraft, and in general the theme of insectoids and insects. Your zergling is drawn stylishly, proportionally, I'll even say that in part and professionally :) And how do you feel about protosses?
AcidNeku's avatar
Nice to see somebody willing to chat a bit :D 
Since you asked, I will be honest - I don't necessarily give llamas for people's artworks, I give them rather randomly when I'm bored or to get some llamas back. Your art does have very nice colouring though!

Oh hehe I've never actually finished Naruto, I stopped watching it when all members of Akatsuki were completely dead because they were what I enjoyed the most about the show. I'm sure there are more great episodes after that, but it's just not the same without my favourite villains. :<

Not the film, but the TV show Hannibal by Bryan Fuller. :D Haven't finished that one either, but I'm planning to do so in the future. I can really recommend it if you're interested and haven't seen it yet!

Sure you can. C:

Ah that's cool that you know and like Starcraft. Yeah I love insect creatures, too - even if I'm really not fond of insect visits in my house haha. But they definitely have an interesting physique!
Oh thank you very much, I appreciate that! 
Well, as a Zerg player the Protoss are my arch enemy (AND because they're the race I lose against the most...>:C)...but then again, the Zerg hate everyone and everything that's not a Zerg. x) Okay but being serious, I do like the Protoss too, I love their design, technology and background etc,- I'll probably learn to play them too one day, but for now I'll fully focus on Zerg. Terrans, on the other hand...are simply boring in my opinion. Because, well, they're just humans. I won't play humans in a fantasy world when I can be something entirely else! x)
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Oh, I also like the villains! Not all - but many. In the Star Wars, i liked Sidious Palpatine - and Jabba the Hutt X) But Darth Vader and Grievous seemed too tragic and "good" to me. In StarCraft I played mostly for zerg - but in protoss i liked their design and ancient greatness. Terrans of course boring - like and people in warcraft! I played Warcraft for the undead. Night Elves were also interesting, although in general I'm not an elf fan. And the orcs are a bit boring, although not as people x) And I did not know about the Hannibal Bryan Fuller Show on TV X) Probably on our TV channels it is not broadcasted. But I'll glance through the Internet :) Although in general we have connect some English and American channels for viewing - with a duplicated translation. For example, I looked  epic beautiful film about Hannibal Bark in Wiassat History. I liked it. Well, this is for people who are fond of history :) :) :) :)
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Hehe x)
HAH, it's exactly the same for me - the Undead were the best, the Night Elves were pretty cool too, Orcs were okay and Humans just boooring. 
Yeah do that, the show is really great - especially if you like gore and aesthetically prepared food. C;
Nice :D
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Yes, I'll Look (= Thanks! 

And what is your favorite horror movie? My favorite -- alien 4. Epic bloody creepy pathos :D

Writer Stephen King I in school years read a lot - but there the accent is not bloody, but rather on subconscious phobias - I liked, although many people say that this is a books for mass konsumers (=
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Oh I don't have one, I don't really like horror movies. I'm only planning to watch "It" some day when I feel like it, but otherwise I'm either too sensitive or the plot sounds too boring. x)

I have never read anything from Stephen King, but I heard he's good^^
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Super cool creature!
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I absolutely love the little scale details on the arms and legs, and the fibrous wings as well.
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Thank you very much! C:
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WOW! The colors and detail are fantastic!!! Love the anatomy and shading!
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Thank you, I appreciate it! 
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