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Zerg Concept: Thrasher

Yes hello it is I
Kinda dying because of the heat but I still managed to draw...even if not much. 
I finished sketch #5 from here:  It's Something by AcidNeku

What I'm not 100% satisfied with are the flesh colour (I always have a hard time with finding the right colour tone for zerg >I) and the shading on the tail + "bubbles", but eeeeh, after trying around for some time I have to stop somewhere. The bubble thingies look more like eggs or something, but they are supposed to be filled with gas. Didn't know how to draw it though.
Otherwise, I'm very happe with the result. C:

A Trasher would be about double the size of a Zergling and I've thought of 3 possible abilities, of which two resemble the Kodo Beast from Warcraft III:
1) Devour: Devours an enemy non-massive land unit, slowly digesting it and dealing x damage per second.
2) Flail: Pierces an enemy non-massive land unit, incapacitating it for 1 second and dealing x damage. (Not sure if "flail" is the right word. I wanted it to be a charge first, but the Protoss Zealot already got that.)
3) (no name idea): Emits a gas cloud around the thrasher that increases the attack speed of all nearby friendly units by x%. (Just an example. It could buff something else.)

If you got any ideas, be it for this unit or a whole other unit, feel free to tell me. :D Hope you like it!

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Zergs carapace generally look like tiny riot shields or shells strapped on top of their more flexible tissue with carapace protruding abit extra over the joints to cover their limbs and facing forwards (or outwards like Swarm Hosts/Ultralisks legs) to soak damage while the inner less likely to be hit part of the body is exposed for muscles to do their thing unhindered.

The only things that stands out for me is the toes being exposed between the nails and carapace, and the back knee tissue being exposed.

Beyond that id say that you nailed the Zerg theme with just the right mix of spikes and carapace for protection with an alien anatomy thats made from the ground up for murder.
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Thank you very much for the feedback! I love seeing long comments like this. 

Right, now that you mention it, the knee may be a bit too 'naked'. For the toes (or generally the legs), however, I used the ultralisk as a reference. They are pretty much the same. At least I think they are - it's hard to see on ingame or cinematic footage, so I mainly looked at Mr--Jack's ultralisk. I think it would be a bit too hard to move the toes otherwise. 

Thanks, I'm glad to hear that! :D